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[Pull Request] - rockchip64: set gpu governor default to simple_ondemand


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GPU governor for rk3399 (Mali T860, Panfrost driver) was set to “performance” 4 years ago due to issues with simple_ondemand; nowadays simple_ondemand works just fine.

This fix makes my board (Orange PI 4 LTS) consume ~25mA (125mW) less current and obviously makes soc fresher.

Jira reference number AR-1246

How Has This Been Tested?

  • [x] Tested setting simple_ondemand manually on official Ubuntu Jammy XFCE image
  • [x] Built Ubuntu Jammy XFCE image from scratch


  • [x] My code follows the style guidelines of this project
  • [x] I have performed a self-review of my own code
  • [x] I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas
  • [x] I have made corresponding changes to the documentation
  • [x] My changes generate no new warnings
  • [x] Any dependent changes have been merged and published in downstream modules

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