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[Pull Request] - meson64: edge: rework to kernel 5.19


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meson64: edge: rework to kernel 5.19

JIRA AR-1231

  • [x] based on the work done by @adeepn on #3898 -- thanks!
  • [x] took the opportunity to finally remove CONFIG_ARCH_ROCKCHIP=y from meson64 .config
  • [x] bumped to 5.19-rc3 without issue
  • [x] backported a bunch of fixes I had done on 5.10 back in #3154 - namely:
    • [x] remove meson_drv_shutdown revert patch, instead CONFIG_DRM_MESON=y and its dependencies in .config (this allows proper shutdown on non-ODROID, while keeping ODROID rebooting nicely -- reference https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kernel/7h4kfjpe07.fsf@baylibre.com/T/ )
    • [x] N2(+): do NOT enable SD UHS mode, which cause next-reboot u-boot to not be able to use SD (voltage). A proper fix is still needed (no, the odroid,reboot driver does not fix this, I tried).
    • [x] N2(+): drop the emulated-pwm stuff from vendor, add a simple on/off fan triggering at 30C. simple & stable.
    • [x] HC4: backport fan's pulses-per-revolutions from the vendor DTS into mainline, so userspace fancontrol can control fan on HC4.

Tested devices:

  • [x] odroidn2: N2(+): looks stable; reboots nicely, fan works.
  • [x] odroidhc4: HC4: stable, fan works via fancontrol like before, reboots nice.
  • [x] khadas-vim3l: VIM3L: stable, everything works, (including wifi), reboots great. PCI-e/NVMe untested.

Tests pending:

  • [x] jethubj80: assuming @adeepn tested this back in #3898, but would be good to confirm.
  • [x] jethubj100: assuming @adeepn tested this back in #3898, but would be good to confirm.
  • [x] khadas-vim2: waiting for tester feedback (but my china S912 box is a good indication, and it works)
  • [x] odroidc4: waiting for tester feedback (but usually the HC4 working is a good indication)
  • [ ] odroidn2: N2(+): USB tests (mine has fried USB, need confirmation from someone with "working" USB, which is hard since the N2's USB is tricky even when not-fried)
  • [ ] odroidc2: waiting for tester feedback.
  • [ ] lepotato: waiting for tester feedback.
  • [ ] lafrite: waiting for tester feedback.
  • [ ] nanopik2-s905: waiting for tester feedback.
  • [ ] khadas-vim1: waiting for tester feedback.
  • [ ] khadas-vim3: waiting for tester feedback.

Tests with confirmed problems:

  • [ ] radxa-zero: problems with eMMC booting; no Wifi at least on 2gb/4gb model.


  • [ ] re-export the .config (maybe savedefconfig this time?) -- waiting for EXTRAWIFI stuff
  • [ ] Radxa: Radxa Zero / Zero 2 need review/tests
  • [ ] Khadas might need review / backporting

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