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[CNX-Software] - tio is a serial device I/O tool for Linux targeted at embedded developers


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tio red text serial terminal

There are already several serial terminal programs such as Putty and minicom, and in recent times, I’ve been using Bootterm myself. But that does not mean there’s room for more and Martin Lund has developed tio serial device I/O tool for Linux. Martin found out many of the existing tools are very modem focused or a bit cumbersome to use, so he developed tio as the simpler alternative which puts less focus on classic terminal/modem features and more focus on the needs of embedded developers and hackers. While it’s possible to build tio from source… [crayon-62bd521173c5e569300188/] it’s much easier to install as a snap (and you should get updates automatically): [crayon-62bd521173c63741860708/] Let’s see the options offered with the “help” parameter: [crayon-62bd521173c65934232615/] I’ve connected a USB to TTL board to check it out: [crayon-62bd521173c67331840646/] It’s detected properly, but not exactly in the usual way since the board is attached to /dev/ttyUSB0: [...]

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