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Fan not spinning on Rock64


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(Note: this is crossposted from an ATS issue, since I think it might be quicker to get answers here. Will post on one thread when I get answers that work in the other)


Have installed ats on my Rock64, running Armbian 22.05 Jammy with kernel version 5.10.63, and am having trouble getting the fan to spin. The fan I'm using is the one that comes with this case, and it spins when I connect it to a battery. One possible issue is that I had to manually add an entry for PWM_CTL: running sudo find /sys -name pwm\*, I get:


My guess was that I should use /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/pinctrl/pwm1. Putting that in my ats config, when I run ats -t, I get:

info:'SYSTEM' Table
info:    'BOARD' Table
info:        'NAME' = ROCK64
info:        'CPU'  = RK3328
info:    'THERMAL0_CTL' = /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
info:    'THERMAL1_CTL' = ERROR
info:    'PWM_CTL'      = /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/pinctrl/pwm1
info:    'MAX_PWM' = 255
info:    'MIN_PWM' = 40
info:    'ALWAYS_ON' = false
info:    'PROFILE_NAME' = profile0
info:    'PROFILE'      = 0
info:'Pratio' timers
info:    'Pratio[ -20 - 20 [' = 0
info:    'Pratio[ 20 ]'       = 40
info:    'Pratio[ 45 ]'       = 255
info:    'Pratio[ 45 - 70 ['  = 255

(the temperature range is low so that the fan would definitely run if it was working)
When I run this command, the fan doesn't spin.
For what it's worth, here's the rest of the output of ats -t:

Stopping for[ seconds ]............... 3
CPU Temperature[ max 70 °C ].......... 0
GPU Temperature[ max 70 °C ].......... 0
Fan PWM Duty Cycle value[ 0 - 255 ]... 190
Running for[ seconds ]................ 10
CPU Temperature[ max 70 °C ].......... 39
GPU Temperature[ max 70 °C ].......... 0
Fan PWM Duty Cycle value[ 0 - 255 ]... 0

Any idea what might be wrong?

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