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Orange Pi 4 touch screen rotation problem


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I am going to have to type a lot of words which I have no idea what they mean.... but here goes.


I have bought an Orange Pi 4 LTS and the official touchscreen which goes with it. This connects via a flat ribbon cable into what is called port LCD1. I believe it is MIPI - although  have no idea what that means.


The screen works perfectly, but is in portrait. I can rotate the screen to landscape with randr or in the gui, but the touch doesn't rotate with it.


I tried using xinput (which wasn't installed) and xinput calibrate as well, but neither did anything.


I believe that the screen was installed by adding a line in a file called orangepiEnv.txt (to something like overlays=afj101), which I believe is used by boot.conf.


How do I rotate the touch part of the screen? I have no idea what I am doing....


Thank you!

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