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Found 4 results

  1. Cutaneus

    OrangePi 4 LTS

    Is it possible to enable support for this device? I flashed this device with Orange Pi 4 firmware, but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do not work there.
  2. I've installed the OPI 4 image awhile ago for my PI as that was the only one available. I've since installed just the kernel targeting this model. Is there a way I can ensure future kernel updates will look for the lts model? Thank you. (Also the topic tags are missing the 4lts model as of this moment)
  3. exp

    Orange Pi 4 LTS

    Hello, I am interested in armbian for OPi 4 LTS Are there any documentation on how can I add support for this board? I'va seen that OPi 3 LTS was added recently (in beta?) Maybe I can do the simular as the only change is bt/wf and cpu/gpu Regards
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