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bpi m1 with a battery: kernel panic when shutdown -h 0


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Hello armbianers !


Armbian 22.11.1 Bullseye with Linux 5.15.80-sunxi on a banana pi m1


I've connected a lipo battery to my bpi m1, and now when I try to shutdown -h 0, it ends up in a kernel panic and instead of shutting down it remains powered up. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I'd know how to shut it down talking to the axp209 via i2c, but I'm not sure how/where to put that, or if that would be or not the proper way to go.





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Ok, never mind. I went in a loop to [ armbian-config/switch to other kernels, chose the next newer kernel, apt update && upgrade ], and after a few rounds I got to:


Armbian 22.11.1 Bullseye with bleeding edge Linux 6.0.10-sunxi


In which everything works as it should ! :-)


shutdown -h 0 is now turning it off.




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Lemaker Banana Pi M1

Armbian 22.11.1 Bullseye with bleeding edge Linux 6.0.10-sunxi


The problem with the kernel 6.0.10 is that /sys/power/axp_pmu/ is no longer there... nor anywhere else as far I know.


tree /sys/power/axp_pmu/battery/


├── amperage

├── capacity

├── charge

├── charging

├── connected

├── power

├── ts_voltage

└── voltage


Any ideas why? Can I fix that? How?




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