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Second (New) SSD Gone After Reboot


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I have a very similar problem here to this and this thread.

I rebooted as the HC4 was already bugging me for a while to reboot on the motd (unattended-upgrades). Since the reboot, /dev/sdb is gone. :(

It's a new Samsung SSD 870 EVO as well as in the other thread. The other (still running) one is a new Crucial MX500.

I tried several Armbian kernels but no change. I went back to 5.10.57-meson64.

There are no obviously burnt components on the device.


There seem quite a few people with this problem.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!



P.S. TP10 and TP11 are at 12V.

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I think problem is only with samsung.


In fact, most of the reports I have read speak of Samsung. However, Samsung is also the market leader. So I am cautious about blaming the issue on Samsung.
This one speaks of Kingston.

Anyway, the problem seems to be accumulating.

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Anyway, I see three possibilities

  1. Software upgrade and loss of the SATA-port are independent and just coincide (e.g. actually caused by the reboot).
    Then it's a hardware / firmware issue.
  2. The software upgrade caused frying of the SATA-port or SSD.
    Then it's a firmware issue.
  3. It's a software (armbian) issue.

and would like to figure out which one holds and what to do about it.

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