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i2c-gpio device-tree help

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im trying to map the i2c-2 to some GPIO ports and have to rewrite the device-tree on armbian 22.04.
I'm failing miserably and have no idea how-to do it. I managed to compile the i2c-gpio.ko kernel module as it is not part of the armbian 5.15.89-sunxi kernel.

However, here i'm stuck and cant manage to make it happen.


On RPi it was simple adding an overlay to config.txt:


I'm trying to replicate that for Armbian, here is my dts file:


	// Overlay for i2c_gpio bitbanging host bus.
    / {
        compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-h3";
        fragment@0 {
            target-path = "/";
            __overlay__ {
                i2c_gpio: i2c@2 {
                    reg = <0>;
                    compatible = "i2c-gpio";
                    gpios = <&pio 17 0     /* sda */
                         &pio 27 0    /* scl */
                    i2c-gpio,delay-us = <2>;
                    #address-cells = <1>;
                    #size-cells = <0>;
        fragment@1 {
            target-path = "/aliases";
            __overlay__ {
                i2c_gpio = "/i2c@2";
        fragment@2 {
            target-path = "/__symbols__";
            __overlay__ {
                i2c_gpio = "/i2c@2";
        __overrides__ {
            i2c_gpio_sda = <&i2c_gpio>,"gpios:4";
            i2c_gpio_scl = <&i2c_gpio>,"gpios:16";
            i2c_gpio_delay_us = <&i2c_gpio>,"i2c-gpio,delay-us:0";
            bus = <&i2c_gpio>, "reg:0";


What am I doing wrong?

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