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Faulty DTB for GPU & probably other issues for the Rock 4C+


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Hey guys,

First of all I would like to let you know that the default DTB has an issue, the GPU status is disabled by default.
I've changed this & now my GPU is detected & working fine so far.
(Armbian Jammy current)

But I'm also facing some other Issues....


  • not all USB Ports are working, just 2-3 & the working ports sometime are randomly switching after a reboot.


  • Bluetooth isn't working at all


I guess these Issues are also related to the dtb file because I didn't find any entries for BT in the DTB.
I also tried the other DTB file:  rk3399-rock-4c-plus but I dont have any video output with it but there I found some entries related to BT (default is rk3399-rock-pi-4c-plus)

I also noticed I didn't get any Video output from the latest sid & edge, but Kernel was loaded.
Then I forced the Resolution in the Armbian.env to 1080p, with that settings I got vidio ouput during the boot time & CLI.
But as soon the Xserver has started I got no more Video output or I got a weird/broken video output.

Probably its an gpu driver Issue....

I should also mention that my  GPU isn't working & detected in Debian too (all kernels)
But as I understood  right the gpu isn't deactivated in the DTB file from Debian, but except the gpu everythings is working.

Here are the Logs & DTS files


Any ideas how to solve this ?

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