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Recreate bootloader on SD card pointing at HDD.


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I’m in a pickle. :)


I bought an Odroid HC4 a few months ago, setup a RAID-1 array and installed Nextcloud on it.


At the time, I used `nand-sata-install` to move the system from the SD‑card to a partition of one of the HDD (/dev/sda1), out of RAID (/dev/md0), and leave the bootloader on the SD-card.


I did not make a backup of this SD-card and, after rebooting today, I realised the SD-card was not functioning any more. No device I use (Sansa audio player with Rockbox, phone with Ubuntu Touch, Laptop with Ubuntu) would even detect it.


I was thinking of using `nand-sata-install` again to only update the bootloader on the SD‑card but I’m afraid it will overwrite what is already on /dev/sda1 instead of only pointing to it.


So here are my questions:


1. Would you know if `nand-sata-install` can be used safely to recreate the bootloader on the SD‑card without touching anything else?

2. Is there a manual for this tool, or are you able to explain how this would work?

3. Otherwise, is it possible to only copy a few files manually to the SD‑card to get the same result, and maybe update a few variables in some files?


Thanks for any solution or pointer, I’ve searched on this forum and in other places without success so far.

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