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Choosing Proper Firmware/NVRAM for Wifi Chip (AP6212)

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I am trying to debug some sporadic issues with my wireless chip (AP6212 - on a BPI-M2 Zero).  Looking through other forum posts, I'm wondering if the proper firmware is being loaded, as well as the proper NVRAM settings.  I'm not new to Linux (I started using Linux around 97), but I haven't really dove into wireless firmware before, and it's all pretty mysterious to me.  A previous forum post points out that the AP6212-specific firmware might not be being loaded.  I checked, and in fact, it wasn't loading the firmware from the AP6212 (it looked like it wasn't loading any firmware - it was looking for brcmfmac43430-sdio.sinovoip,bpi-m2-zero.bin but only brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin was available).  Based on the forum post, I moved ap6212/fw_bcm43438a1.bin to the location it was looking for.  It worked, kind of, but it actually seems I'm getting more spurious connection issues than before.  However, I also noticed that the linux-wireless project has AP6212-specific NVRAM settings.  However, I'm not sure what the filename should be so they are loaded, and/or if I need the specific firmware from linux-wireless or if I should use either the brcmfmac driver or the ap6212 driver.  There are also multiple files in the ap6212 directory, and I'm not sure which one is actually the right one - I used the one suggested in the forum post.


Is there a good overview of this?  Does someone else have an AP6212 with a good configuration that they use?  Is it better to use the standard firmware, the brcmf firmware, or the ap6212 firmware?  Should I download a new driver/firmware from Cypress? Which NVRAM settings should I use?


Any help in the right direction would be helpful.  

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