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Rock Pi S SPI2 pin collides with serial interface


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Is there any existing solution how to use SPI2 on Radxa Rock Pi S? In dmesg I found these messages:


[    1.619008] rockchip-pinctrl pinctrl: pin gpio1-22 already requested by ff0c0000.serial; cannot claim for ff140000.spi
[    1.619046] rockchip-pinctrl pinctrl: pin-54 (ff140000.spi) status -22
[    1.619065] rockchip-pinctrl pinctrl: could not request pin 54 (gpio1-22) from group spi2-miso  on device rockchip-pinctrl
[    1.619082] rockchip-spi ff140000.spi: Error applying setting, reverse things back


Is it somehow possible to disable the serial port which is in collision with the SPI?


There is a log from armbian monitor: http://ix.io/4yF8



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