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Rock Pi S - Virtual WLAN Interface P2P0


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Hi there, 


I've been using ARMbian for a couple of years now under a Rock Pi S board. I'm using an ARMbian OS image based on kernel 4.4x because it have a virtual wlan interface called P2P0, this allow me to use the board as WiFi repeater, I've written a post about it here. However, in recent ARMbian OS images with kernel 5.x and 6.x that virtual interface isn't there. I see in ARMbian OS image with kernel 6.x that the WiFi Hotspot set up menu in the armbian-config tool show an interface called p2p0-dev, but it doesn't work. My question: why? these newer kernels have limitations on this board? or maybe need to compile the kernel with custom modifications?.


Any lead will be appreciated it.

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