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Usb keyboard not detected on bpi-m2 Zero


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After flashing the sd card with armbian and booting it, it asks me to enter the root password, however the keyboard that is plugged in isnt detected and nothing is typed on the screen. Ive already tried bookworm and jammy, both cli and minimal-cli variants.


It is not a keyboard or usb related issue, i tested it with an older version of armbian and the keyboard still works. 



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Huh,Screenshot_20230824_231612_Photos.thumb.jpg.4d04659744feec5c333de8f5ce76722f.jpgScreenshot_20230824_231527_Gallery.jpg.ce62be6bb9a88755b5e804cd026bc92e.jpg when text first pops up on screen it says that its armbian jammy 23.05.1, but on the login it says its jammy 23.5.2.


Also why would the usb otg be disabled? The M2 zero has only one usb port so without the otg its completely useless... weird

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I have a doubt with my power supply,

When I boot up, the Numlock led of my keyboard light up then it's turn off some seconds later.

I will do some tests in the next days.

It's in this post that I was thinking usb otg is not enable:


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