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Using USB 3?


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The USB-C port and lsusb results suggest to me that this board should support USB 3 under Armbian, but I have no earthly idea how I would succeed at this.


My first, naive attempt used the PinePhone docking bar. This looked like it might work as it passed power through to the M2S, and it also powered the WD Passport HDD I used to test, but no devices appeared. Is there a better fit? Perhaps the PinePhone device only works with Pine devices?


This would be better posted on the official Banana Pi forum, but I'm apparently IP banned despite having never posted there. This is an Armbian system, so I reckon it's not too off-topic to ask here.

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It is my understanding that the USB-C is actually on USB2. All the PCIe bits are on USB3. At least this what I've gathered by quickly scanning over the schematic. I could be wrong of course and it would be nice if I was. My IP is also banned from the forum for some unknown reason? 


As for possibly getting a drive to show up, try changing the `dr_mode = "peripheral";` to `dr_mode = "host";` or even maybe otg?


This can be done with an overlay.



/ {
	fragment@0 {
		target = <&usb>;
		__overlay__ {
			dr_mode = "host";



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