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How does VIM3 perform for monero mining?


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Hello folks.


I am thinking about getting a VIM3 or VIM4 as a PC for computation purposes. I think Monero mining shows the limit of a combination of memory + cpu. The higher the more performant the combination of memory + cpu is. My choice is currently between a board like VIM3 or VIM4 or a desktop i5 9th gen. I will be thankful if an owner can xmrig monero mining software to do a benchmark.


So to do the benchmark one should:


 - Download xmrig

 - Run a benchmark and submit it: https://xmrig.com/docs/miner/benchmark


The benchmark will be available in the benchmarks page in xmrig website. Note that there should be enough free memory and xmrig must be run as root(or somehow you give xmrig access to use hugepages).

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