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Recompile a kernel module on host system


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I have a Radxa Rock 4se with an RK3399 Rockchip on board. On my host system I run virtualbox with Ubuntu 22.04. 


I have build succesfully an armbian configuration for the Rock 4se with an edge kernel(6.6.xx) and it runs perfectly on my board, which also has an Raspbbery Pi camera v2 with the IMX219 which also runs okay.


However know I would like to make some adjustments to the imx219.c driver, I know that in the cache directory the linux kernel is available.


Can I adjust the imx219.c driver in the cache/sources/linux-kernel-worktree/6.6__rockchip64__arm64 and recompile only the kernel, without that the kernel completly is recompiled only difference so it will generate a new imx219.ko file.


Kind regards



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