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Can't see the login screen on OPi3-LTS when connecting thru VNC


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I've just downloaded the Armbian_23.8.3_Orangepi3-lts_bookworm_current_6.1.53_cinnamon_desktop.img onto a 16GB SD card, plugged it to the Opi and started it up.

Then I connected to it using SSH, and it works just fine.

But when I tried VNCViewer (actually, MobaXTerm on Windows), nothing is displayed but a message saying that Cinnamon crashed and "you are currently running in fallback mode".

I've tried to install another window manager, like lightdm with xface4 with no success.

I also tried to remove cinnamon and reinstall it, again to no avail.

I did the same to x11 and again couldn't have any desktop manager running.

Then I burned the original img file again and proceeded an update/upgrade on the OS, but nothing happened.

I also spent the whole day on google and reading docs and only got more frustrated.

Any ideas?

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After dealing with this for about 18 hours, I decided to go for another image.

I downloaded and burned Armbian_23.8.3_Orangepi3-lts_bookworm_current_6.1.53_xfce_desktop.img image to my SSD and went on following the instructions from NicoD from here: 

Now everything is running smoothly and I'm able to interact with the desktop from my Windows PC using MobaXterm.

Thank you all!


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