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Raspberry Pi/bigtreettech pi tft DSI screen on Banana Pi CM4 mounted on a BTT Manta M8P I/O 3D Printer board

Kaz M

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a Bigtreetech PiTFT70 DSI screen working on my Banana Pi CM4 mounted on a Bigtreetech Manta M8P 3D printer control board. It is supposedly a clone of the Raspberry Pi 7inch DSI display and uses the same display and touch chips.

The DSI port on the M8P is wired to DSI 1 port on the Bpi CM4. I have tried hacking together a device tree overlay for it but I don't know enough of what needs turning on and what addresses they require (i2c etc) to get it working.

Can anyone with Amlogic meson knowledge assist me? I am running the latest armbian bookworm 23.8 with all current updates installed.

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