NanoPI NeoAir - is there bluetooth stack well implemeted?

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I am going to buy this unit, becuase I am lookig for a cheap board with bluetooth and camera input included. NanoPi Neo Air seems to be the best choice (and the only - talking about cheap board).

Anyway, did someone play with its bluetooth interface programming? I mean sending (mainly, but also recieving files) from NanoPi by bluetoot. Are there any working tools (C, python)?


Thanks for any post in advance!

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Hi Abramq,


I have a small project that uses a lot of BLE and Wifi running on the Raspberry Pi 3 and ZeroW. I just ordered a NeoAir and plan to port my Python and Java code over to that platform. I hope you have had a chance to try your project with the NeoAir's Bluetooth Stack. How did it go? Did it implement the GATT stack well enough? What version of BlueZ is it running?

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