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orange pi 5 plus auto-shutdown when inactive


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I recently purchased an Orange Pi 5 Plus and installed Armbian. It shuts down about every ten minutes. Strangely, when it is streaming video over HDMI it does not shutdown. So it can stream movies for up to three hours without shutting down. But if I am not streaming, for example if I am SSH into the device, it will shutdown after about ten minutes and I get booted out.


I disabled system suspend in `settings > Power settings` but this did not help. I also just replaced the power supply with a 4 amp power supply (up from 3.5 amp) but this did not help at all. I also looked around 'armbian-config' but I did not notice any settings that could be the issue.

I do not see any services or anything in the system log related to this. I tried to install caffeine as a workaround, which is supposed to prevent the computer from sleep, however, this did not help. I installed caffeine and made sure it was running but again it didn't help:



ps aux | grep caffeine
pi          2356  0.0  0.2 364892 45416 ?        Ssl  13:53   0:00 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/caffeine
pi          2517  0.0  0.2 364896 45000 ?        Sl   13:53   0:00 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/caffeine


I would like help to debug this problem. Please give me some tips to track down the issue. Thanks!

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I had the opposite problem it would over heat streaming. Have you tried blowing air over it with a house fan? That will eliminate any cooling problems dues your CPU have a variable fan speed on it? Good power is very important with these 5A seems to work.

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Thanks for your reply. There is no fan, but I don't think the issue is heat because if it doesn't overheat and shutdown when streaming, then why would it overheat and shutdown after 10 minutes of idle?
I switched to a RPI5 but I would love to switch back to OPI 5 Pro because the ram is much better, so still interested in a solution.

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