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[Armbian build PR] - vim1s/vim4 kernel config update and disabled systemd first-boot to prevent interference with armbian firstlogin


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  1. Refresh kernel config to match fenix 1.6.4. This enables CONFIG_W1_SLAVE_THERM which was enabled on fenix as well.
  2. On bookworm, and also possibly on newer version of ubuntu, systemd starts all of the services present on first boot. Making the /etc/machine-id file empty ensures that machine id is still initialized on first-boot, while other services are not started automatically. This also seems to be observed by alex3d as well as reported in #6264 . However I was not able to reproduce the same issue on any of the other boards I have. Hence I have currently only handled it for meson-s4t7 family. This also makes the previous hack of masking chrony-wait.service unnecessary and hence I have reverted that change.

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  • [X] Tested on bookworm xfce image on vim1s. Lightdm no longer pops up before first login setup and also first login doesn't starts immediately as chrony-wait service is no longer started.


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