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Bqeel M9C Max

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Hello everyone,


I tried to erased data from settings menu to start fresh again and prepare this old box not used to give it to another family member.
Probleme is that the process  reset to factory was shut down before it ended (was taking ages).. So now it doesn't boot properly.


I tried to operate wipe data / reset factory in recovery mode but ended in an error (mount failed).


Also now i don't have operational remote..


1)How to reset it properly ? 

2)Is there any software to do that ? (i downloaded Aml_burn_tool recently but need help with which image should i load ? 

3) Is there any way to force the box to boot ? The last thing i could do (with universal remote application on the phone) was to do a system reboot from recovery mode, since then i cannot turn the box on whitout a proper remote...


Thank you for your guidance and sorry for my english it's not my native language.


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