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[Program] Move Composite AV Video Output to fix Overscanning



Hey folks!


On monday I was able to fix the overscanning issue of my Orange Pi zero (read here).

Because fiddling around with the register values can be pretty harsh some times I decided to created a small programm to move the picture of the composite video output. You can find the project page here: https://projects.nwrk.biz/projects/allwinner-tvout


With this tool you can easily move the picture relative to its actual position by just calling :

$ sudo tvout -m -x <value in px> -y <value in px>


To reset the position you can use:

$ sudo tvout -r


I hope some of you may find this useful.

If I have enough spare time i will add more features to this project (like changing the resolution, etc.). If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to tell me in this thread!


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