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DVFS/THS for H5, U-Boot patches and dwmac-sun8i


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Hi all
I am working on having a working cpufreq support for Allwinner H5 SoC
According to the mainline plan, it won't happen anytime soon (it is not even scheduled for 4.13)
However some (working) patches already exist, there is a quite updated fork at:
Reading the provided information, there is also an absolutely required patch for u-boot that fix a PLL1 configuration
Apparently this patch is already included in Armbian, it is the patch:


But for some reason I really don't understand, this is not applied to the u-boot source, the file


doesn't contain the patch. Other patches in u-boot-sun50i-dev are applied correctly, so I am wondering why (and how) this particular one is out.
I don't have any userpatches override

I have also noticed that the DVFS and THS patches for H5 have been moved to the "unresolved" directory
Can it be due to kernel lookup caused by the missing u-boot patch above?

I have also adapted the dwmac-sun8i patch for 4.11.y. It is quite straightforward except for a conflict in PineA64 DTS and it requires some fuzzy (-F) to work

However I don't fully understand the build system in Armbian. I have applied the path in the kernel downloaded under sources, the files are patched but if I re-run ./compile.sh I don't even get the new dwmac-sun8i driver in kernel config... Shall I clean something?


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