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Larry Bank

A few new C libraries for Orange Pi boards

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I have a running obsession with sensors/motors/SBCs and have been creating a collection of C libraries as I learn/conquer each new device. I recently added a few that might interest some of the forum residents here. They include a C library to talk to the RPI Sense Hat, ST Micro VL53L0X time of flight distance sensor, and CCS811 air quality sensor. You can find them all here:


If anyone has a sensor/add-on that they would like to program in C from their Orange Pi and there isn't any code available, let me know and maybe I can add it to my collection.



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14 minutes ago, Tido said:

Can you post a picture of  oled_96 or SPI_LCD  in action.  Maybe with something like visit   on the Display :rolleyes:


Here's my game emulators running on an Orange Pi Zero (AllWinner H2 SoC). I use the SPI_LCD library to talk directly to the LCD for better framerates than can be achieved with fbtft/fbcp:




Below is a photo of a NanoPi Duo (AllWinner H2 SoC) using my oled_96 library when running my new "bb-hole" program. This is a replacement for pi-hole which acts as a DNS filter to block unwanted ads/sites. I will be releasing the source code to this shortly.



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added SoC type

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