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  1. Tido


    If you want to use something like TeamViewer try the searchbox (right hand corner) and search for: x2go
  2. Because you have chosen wisely for a H3 product, your problem should be solvable. Is this a fresh install? IIRC does this device come with a proper voltage regulator. That said I guess it should be possible to shutdown completely, however I have no clue about the power-on button. @Igor, what is your take on that, does the OPi Plus 2E also need the AR100-Software or is my text correct? straight to the point - thank you
  3. it is not what u r asking for, but the way u do it // sent from mobile phone //
  4. Actually is it your problem . If you know how to program you could fix this problem for you and others https://www.armbian.com/get-involved/
  5. You might be interested to read this whole thread: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8961-error-pcsi-system-shutdown/
  6. Tido

    Helios4 Support

    I might be wrong, but just lately on my tinker board, after an update it pointed to the 'wrong' kernel - so it was unable to boot ! By just changing the pointer it worked again.
  7. I have Google'd it for you: DietPi-Update | G_AGUP/G_AGUG: Now runs prior to our patch system. Ensuring APT is upto date during our updates: I looks to me like you were running general Software-Update, this is in armbian done with: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade (you can try these if you have armbian installed) You see the difference, just as I said before.
  8. Hi, If you ask here for help with dietPi, this is equal to got to an Apple Forum and asking for help with Microsoft Windows. Both are Operating Systems, but there are major differences. So, if you want to install and use armbian, WELCOME. If you want to stay with dietPi have a look at their forum. Cheers Tido
  9. is this a: noW or a noT ? I think this is not complete. Look at the one from phischmi, much longer
  10. a huge board, cooling in mind, but power wise you cannot squeeze more then 1GHz To copy is okay, but to copy best breed - this is the trick. Look at Apple and Samsung
  11. Tido

    ERROR: PCSI system shutdown

    P = U x I 5V x 0,23A = 1,15 Watt for the whole board I guess ? (sounds better, did you do the 'hot finger' test? ) Does this also affect H3 or only H5 ?
  12. @Robin De, @Aoz, @phischmi whenever you report a problem, please also report: armbianmonitor -u Thank you
  13. I was lately tempted to try out libreELEC on a RPi 2, to see the difference to Le Potato. Well, not done by now
  14. in opposite to the 'cheap copy' from AliExpress, Adafruits hardware comes more often than not, with a voltage regulator. So you don't 'burn' your precious sensor while being a Maker. This is good, so you can focus on what you wanna do.