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  1. Providing logs with armbianmonitor -u significantly raises chances that issue is getting addressed.
  2. Don't forget the 'grey' cost. I do not replace my "old-power-saving-bulbs" because of the grey energy needed. Same thing as driving an old car until it breaks or buy a new more efficent car. PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-Orders Now Open https://www.pine64.org/2020/04/02/pinephone-ubports-community-edition-pre-orders-now-open/
  3. How long or how many times does it try to get the WiFi connection? I am asking, because mine was not successful in both passes.
  4. Is it the download that makes it so long and if so, why does it need a download in it? If it is only for you, fair enough - but if testers just want to test locally their devices and apart from that this generates quite some load on the servers and network traffic. How many user switch the kernels or need the sources - I guess most don't. So, if it is for a minorty only, why should everybody doing it. Last but not least, you want many to use it and to help/report - it should be kept like a Mini (car) "As little as possible, as much as required". Just my 2 cents, for me it is obviously too much. I like the idea to report back online to collect the data, but the nightly/stable & sources is just a waste of resources IMHO.
  5. there is no information given, that my system is downloading software. I hate these kind of installer like Firefox, TEAMS and so on. autotests$ ./go.sh [sudo] Password for tido: Setup finished. Edit userconfig/configuration.sh and run ./go.sh again! reto@X470-ULTRA:/media/Daten_1/01_Computer/01.05_GIT/autotests$ First run, on line 127 it couldn't find something: autotests$ ./go.sh ./go.sh: Zeile 127: /media/Daten_1/01_Computer/01.05_GIT/autotests/reports/data.in: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden [ o.k. ] 0. RockPi-4B Linux 5.4.28-rockchip64 stable [ 11.13 ] [ o.k. ] Host 11.13 found [ Run 1 out of 2 ] I have configured 2 passes and it took 17 minutes - is this normal? [ o.k. ] Rebooting in 3 seconds [ RockPi-4B ] diff: /media/Daten_1/01_Computer/01.05_GIT/autotests/reports/data.in: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden This whole procedure took 17 minutes.
  6. on their documentation is a step by step instead of the script, so I put in line by line from 2, 3, and 4 and then tried to start the container (jumped over a few steps): 7. Create and run a Mayan EDMS container: > mayanedms/mayanedms:3.3.16 docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/mayan-edms" is already in use by container "4687800548c34fcd236454f2cf4ffc7685d73efdebfdd8e553d4feae54d991fd". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name. Who knows about docker? How to remove existing docker container?
  7. in the code and then the execution needs sudo?
  8. @Igor I cannot validate if the bash script you link to does the same as here: https://www.mayan-edms.com/download/ I suppose I have now already Docker installed, being as far as you show in your spoiler. So, I can try to run the curl command and see what happens: Basic form: curl -fsSL get.mayan-edms.com -o get-mayan-edms.sh sh get-mayan-edms.sh if you don’t have Docker installed invoke the Mayan EDMS installer as follows: curl -fsSL get.mayan-edms.com -o get-mayan-edms.sh INSTALL_DOCKER=true sh get-mayan-edms.sh
  9. I don't know if this is still this way, but I have heard that the free-account on Slack is collecting up until 10'000 messages. Then every addititonal message will delete the oldest.
  10. I tried it on Rock Pi 4B. I went to armbian-config, choose mayan and let it run. It doesn't work. Do I need to follow some process? I think it is the same as @pliski mentioned in January: the docker container get stuck on Restarting status. SoC was quite hot.
  11. once upon a time: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5327-overview-of-your-devices-cockpit/ IIRC it is developed by RedHat
  12. Hi, I cannot exactly say why, but I never liked the 'emptyness' of the IP-Address on the SSH welcome message System load: 0.82 0.29 0.10 Up time: 1 min Memory usage: 3 % of 3867MB IP: So I thought it needs a lot of space for a long Up time. So, the space is reasonable. Looking at the other information provided, which needs as well many letters? My suggestion to move it like this and adding: -Address (IP is not the complete term (Internet-Protocol): IP-Address: Up time: 1 min Memory usage: 3 % of 3867MB System load: 0.82 0.29 0.10 adding 'Address' might fix the emptyness as well: System load: 0.82 0.29 0.10 Up time: 1 min Memory usage: 3 % of 3867MB IP-Address: It is just the welcome display but the first thing you see (you have only one chance for a first impression ) Your thoughts on that, I am curious?
  13. Digital Signage Player, based on Webbrowser, WordPress, LAMP - using archlinux|ARM. Sounds cool and as it has been tested on Raspberry Pi 3B, I guess it should easily run on any mainline Kernel supported SBC beautiful step-by-step setup. Quite funny is the name of the repository for german speakers: https://github.com/boschkundendienst/raspisignage this means: BOSCH customer service ... while his avatar is not Edit, link to the images: http://os.archlinuxarm.org/os/
  14. Which is making an internet connection necessary. Your current update including the icon is my preferred method. As mentioned before I would look for SVG as this scales smoothly. I stopped looking for icons of SVG because of your comment before. - any changes on your side? You have edited my suggestion (PR) for the ReadME.md and removed the installation procedure I put there. To simulate my initial situation on Ubuntu Mate 18.04.4 I did remove: sudo apt-get remove sshpass iperf3 jq The test is running twice, my root user credentials are given. My phone is laying around bluetooth enabled, WiFi on the router is on - Rock Pi 4B. I got 2x Syntax error and 1x [ err. ] Wrong sources were installed plus the missing software `dpkg -l sshpass git iperf3 jq`
  15. I installed it and let everything as it is. Two things I don't like: 1a. To start flashing or writing, the button says in german: Ausschreiben (terrible translation), just 'Schreiben' would be much better 1b. When it finished it says. Done. Picture (Bild) written successfully instead of 'Abbild'. I wonder if a human did the translation. 2. It doesn't remember the window size. It is good it starts small, but I have 24" and I like to see the path-to-the-folder I am about to write. It lists the right devices: I attached an USB-Stick and an SDcard and only these two I was able to choose And finally, it wrote the Kubuntu 20.04 2,3Gb within 1 min and this inlcudes the writing-verification to my understanding 2300/60 = 38MB/s Aside from being fast, Zero-Load on the CPU In opposite to Etcher, it is not ejected at the end of the process. Well, if USBImager ensures proper termination of the process it shouldn't harm if the user unplugs it before ejecting it.