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  1. Before I give it a try, has anyone already tried to write armbian to eMMC of the Le Potato ? If not, can you give me a hint where I shall read in order not to destroy the storage? * Thank you *
  2. Forum upgrade

    I believe you but A Podcast is only an Apple 'word', the fact that everybody uses it, makes it the word for it and not Audiocast which would be more correct. And as they name it Le, it is Le. Otherwise you have to depend on Google's smartness within the search results, right ?
  3. is this an improvement ?
  4. Just the tiny one goes for $ 9.- available in configurations: 0,5GB 32-bit 1080P 1GB 32-bit 4K30 2GB 64-bit 4K30 Brrr, just like SinoVoip, switch the SoC as often as you can: H2+, H3, and H5 SoC. Not even the 64-Bit stays at Amlogic like Le Potato I have to search if there is already a way to write armbian on the eMMC of the Le Potato - it sounds on Kickstarter that LP OS is still in development and they already come out with new HW..
  5. Forum upgrade

    Amlogic Odroid C1, C2, La Potato - it should be Le Potato not a big deal, but it just caught my eye.
  6. GPU driver?

    @Myy, I am just reading about the new features of 4.14 release and come across this: Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) When you wrote about it, I always thought, why does he care about Digital Rights Management
  7. Forum upgrade

    I was wondering if the date can be written A - in European style: DD/MM/YY B - more international: DD/MMM/YY just if it is some minor config - it puzzles me now and then
  8. A few new C libraries for Orange Pi boards

    Can you post a picture of oled_96 or SPI_LCD in action. Maybe with something like visit www.armbian.com on the Display
  9. No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

    Exact description of this device on Aliexpress. Very nice pictures, different angles especially if you scroll down. I haven't been on the SinoVoip shop site for a while, I wonder if they can keep up with OPi
  10. preview Asus Tinkerboard

    a couple days ago, but: https://www.asus.com/uk/Single-Board-Computer/Tinker-Board/HelpDesk_Download/ Version 2.0.3 Beta Version 2017/10/30 some points from the changelog: Let USB audio card would not break the PulseAudio's some setting. Add more hardware interface config (SPI0/UART2/UART3/UART4/PCM) setting at hw_intf.conf. Update QT5, GStreamer, xserver packages ... (maybe related to this post on github) Modify DTS overlay folder name & add prefix/postfix for overlay file(s) and so on
  11. Forum upgrade

    I am not the only one, who faces this.. https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5416-gpu-driver/?do=findComment&comment=43449
  12. GPU driver?

    I know, but it does. The trick is: click on my Link.. wait, click in the addressbar - hit ENTER. Bang !
  13. zram vs swap

    I found it now: "I'm not interested in exploring better 'emergency situation' behaviour but in enabling SBC with low memory to make better use of available DRAM. I mean: that's what zram has been invented for on Android devices: Cope with low memory situations and avoid swapping to slow flash." In this thread I don't understand why VM (virtual machine (I guess)) is always a topic on SBC. That said, it is hard for me to follow in your conclusion. What I can see though Whereas Zador is afraid of implementing problems to armbian: This way it would be easy to disable individual components of Armbian that may not be needed or that may interfere with other services (i.e. your "activate_zram" function checks only for zram-config package and it would interfere with systemd-swap installed by users without an easy way to disable it (since any changes to armhwinfo will be lost on upgrade)). TK wants to take measure with regard to fears of Zador by: Experienced users who know what they do, can be encouraged by another forum thread to start experimenting with zram on their installations Sounds to me, like you both want the best - and while I was writing this Zador added the above posting.
  14. GPU driver?

    Well, if you do all steps in this posting.. you should get this running: ======================================================= OpenGL Information GL_VENDOR: ARM GL_RENDERER: Mali-T760 GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r14p0-01rel0-git(966ed26).810f535757d8c9adaaa72f5da29c688e ======================================================= If this helps you - I simply don't know.
  15. zram vs swap

    Sound like a good Unix approach. @tkaiser, I remember that you once explained to Wildcat_Paris that if his system is using SWAP - there is something wrong. Whereas it doesn't hurt to have that little partition - it also supports to analyze if your SBC goes crazy, right? If you look at it from your side - I might have stumbled across it, but what is the major benefit of leaving away this SWAP partition?