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  1. I don't know how to understand that. However, I am more than happy with USBImager I read in the PDF manual about adding my user its group and now not even sudo is necessary to launch it. By the way, new release and this time with the .deb image https://gitlab.com/bztsrc/usbimager/-/releases and if you run man usbimager you see some switches for more functions.
  2. @Heisath is this the latest news on the hardware front or is there another thread? https://forum.armbian.com/topic/11022-serial-console-mux-with-pwr-switch-hat-ordering-thread
  3. Looks like 'old news' in the same thread 1,5 years ago https://forum.armbian.com/topic/10841-the-testing-thread/?do=findComment&comment=83029
  4. Hello again, any progress on that front? You won't believe it but Paperless-NG (a thing I thought about it myself) is born: https://github.com/jonaswinkler/paperless-ng and it sounds promising: https://github.com/the-paperless-project/paperless/issues/711 Apart from that, this large PR has finally received approval and the author wrote me that your problem should be fixed within as well: https://github.com/the-paperless-project/paperless/pull/652 You think this is enough, no!! there is more: https://github.com/eikek/docspell a new project (around 1
  5. Sorry, read it on the mobile - had an answer in my mind, but wanted to write on the PC and forgot it Well, both are no longer supported. So, when you change an SBC from Supported to Not-Supported - it doesn't matter for the user whether you call it EOS or CSC - to this person it is the same. No supported images. As soon as someone steps in and want to support it again - its status would change to "supported". As it is anyway on best effort - there is no difference at all. The EOS/CSC never made any sense.
  6. are you kidding me - this is as easy as it gets. Download a file from here: https://yadi.sk/d/_rQgn_FosYuW0g/20.09/20200911 flash your SDcard. Once finished, put the SDcard into your PC-Cardreader and adjust this to your needs: The file "/extlinux/extlinux.conf" All Amlogic models now look for the "u-boot.ext" file. For your device make sure you rename this file: => For s905x and s912 - use u-boot-s905x-s912 to u-boot.ext Put the SDcard in your TV-Box and power it
  7. As you have this: High-end UHD HDR multimedia SoCs with 64-bit architecture, S912 is designed to... have you tried this: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12162-single-armbian-image-for-rk-aml-aw-aarch64-armv8/ ?
  8. embedded, VPU - video processing unit (encoding/decoding) GPU - graphic processing unit (3D acceleration) SoC - System on a Chip SBC - Single Board Computer WIP - Work in progress NAND - Flash storage GPIO - general purpose input/output CSC - the weirdo.. no support abbreviation EOS - End of Support - Hey Werner, die beiden schreien nahe zu nach einer Zusammenführung.
  9. the link to the explaining forum post of armbianmonitor -u was quite valuable, I think // sent from mobile phone //
  10. Last time I took this one. Easy to configure, but if all ur features are there I dont know http://security.appspot.com/vsftpd.html // sent from mobile phone //
  11. Hi Steven, can you please update your initial posting (a line at the beginning or such) and maybe the last post so people find your great work? Edit: I see you already did.. but just a link. How about some words like: The improved version you find here: ... obviously I stumbled over it, sorry. Edit2: The link mentioned above is dead like a parrot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZw35VUBdzo
  12. ArmbianIO API - in C https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5655-armbianio-api-proposal/ User Space IO - is Python 3 and Java 8 bindings for user space GPIO, SPI, I2C, PWM and Serial interfaces https://forum.armbian.com/topic/6523-user-space-io-is-python-3-and-java-8-bindings-for-user-space-gpio-spi-i2c-pwm-and-serial-interfaces/ and his improvement: https://github.com/sgjava/java-periphery pyGPIO - A 'more general' python GPIO library based on pyA20 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5662-pygpio-a-more-general-python-gpio-library
  13. For a common understanding.. semantic versioning 8.5.4 == MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH - for a programm, not a distribution. But, people really care which version they have and they want the latest an greatest - as we know from questions in the forum. Ubuntu LTS on the other hand fixes stuff and after a period they release 20.04.1 that incorporates all the fixes. However, I guess your release cycle is too short.
  14. some people solve Sudoku, with zero output but train-their-brain. Others fix device tree and get training and output