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  1. Hi Guido, Thank you. As you mentioned several components I wasn't sure what is really needed and to install was a bit overkill, at first sight. I could have gone ahead with try and error, but as you already have the knowledge, I thought it was better to ask. Apart from that, others can now also easily benefit from your lesson 😊 Cheers, Tido
  2. This library aims to create simple wrapper functions for accessing I2C, SPI and creates a consistent numbering scheme for accessing GPIO ports based on the physical pin number. Information about it https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5655-armbianio-api-proposal/?do=findComment&comment=44769 How to: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5655-armbianio-api-proposal/?do=findComment&comment=45825
  3. There are 3 options to use GPIO in armbian: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9071-opi-zero-plus-h5-and-gpio-library/?do=findComment&comment=68424 By the way, what do you control with the GPIO on R1?
  4. Hi @guidol, You describe your journey to this result, but let's think about somebody who just wants to rebuild your config. Can you do a step by step without your legacy ? Thank you in advance
  5. easy, choose/use the standard reply, hit the send button and count to ten.
  6. Hi miminashi, Looking at it, I see that at that time and age armbian maintained what we call nowadays: stone age old Kernels like: rebuilt Cubieboard 1 & 2 with 3.4.110 a fixed Bluetooth on Cubietruck + rebuild with 3.4.110 the so called BSP Kernels 3.x (Board Support Package) are no longer supported by armbian. If you are willing to use such kernel with security issues and no longer maintained you might get "suspend to RAM" out of the box. If you prefer a current kernel you maybe carefully choose your SingleBoardComputer. Even better if you know C, you can help to get this for your board of choice running "suspend to RAM" :-) Do you know C ?
  7. Hi, It says on the internet: STM32MP1 microprocessor series with dual Arm Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 Cores. So, you are willing to invest time to get ARMBIAN running on this device... which device, how much does it cost, you just mention the microprocessor?
  8. We are all tentative to that topic, writing on SDcard or eMMC. Tesla was not in german: https://www.heise.de/autos/artikel/Teslas-Flash-Fehlkonstruktion-4563357.html Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.heise.de%2Fautos%2Fartikel%2FTeslas-Flash-Fehlkonstruktion-4563357.html
  9. I just installed the file I downloaded back then: LibreELEC-LePotato.arm-9.0.2.img.gz. In opposite to the information given it runs Kodi 17.3 which was not capable of Netflix. I was really looking forward to do this test, but this is not possible. My previous test with Kernel 5.1 (as in the title) wasn't satisfying (audio and picture were no longer insync) and I don't know if there were some improvements in the last few months on Kernel development. If anybody knows about, please advise.
  10. Hi, you can start here: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Advanced-Features/#how-to-unbrick-the-system
  11. do u have a serial-cable UART to read all system messages while rebooting // sent from mobile phone //
  12. IIRC, @tkaiser did some tests and it may be the best or the best-compromise to use this for ZRAM. it says slack&whatspp... isn't https://wire.com already doing that? They want to close the gap between rivaling provider or so AND get some money to do so.. fair enough.
  13. did you now find a way to do it anyway, with as little people as armbian is?
  14. it is not about the software, it is also about the people you attract and their expectation: Hmmm, but this works in raspbian, why not in armbian. Please fix it now.
  15. did you replace the power cable or the power supply ?