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  1. @guidol, @sfx2000, more to tweak. The HISTIGNORE sounds fantastic https://cyb.org.uk/2021/05/03/bash-productivity.html
  2. Whereas Python is an interpreter language too, right? Apart from that, I read on below Github: Cross platform MMIO GPIO that doesn't require one off code for each board. Only a simple property file is required to map registers. Sounds to me like do it once for me and the armbian community (sending in your findings), but I may be totally wrong. https://github.com/sgjava/java-periphery
  3. All your post may need more formatting changes. Tips: use spoiler when adding a long text
  4. I would like to have audio too (a bird cam), but if you only want picture and don't mind using RPi and the corresponding camera (no audio): https://github.com/kclyu/rpi-webrtc-streamer Motion Detection feature provided by Rpi-WebRTC-Streamer uses Inline Motion Vector which is generated during video encoding. And use this to get the approximate Motion Detection function while using minimal CPU resources. I spent hours trying to get a Logitech c310 USB UVC compatible camera running, but UVC helps, but is not the solution to everything. IP-Camera may help or solve a lot? or the original: https://github.com/mpromonet/webrtc-streamer almost at the end of the readme.md: Object detection using tensorflow.js Where are you with your project by now?
  5. The Forum Default Theme, is missing the logo in the left hand corner.
  6. As it is a Python SW I guess it can run everywhere. USBimager is written in C and runs everywhere, has a nice PDF manual in the repo. I am happy with USBimager
  7. IIRC, this is now the case. Please test on your Windows box and report. Thank you.
  8. @Ash Martin @Werner @guidol You do know that this thread is about a BETTER software than Etcher, right? And you do know we recommend USBimager OVER Etcher, right? If not, I recommend to read the first couple posts of this thread. Instead of misleading people @Ash Martin just be quiet. It is not as if you had to comment every post.
  9. Well, systemd offers some diagnose options: systemd-analyze time systemd-analyze plot > RockPi_boottime-$(date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S).svg systemctl list-jobs to see active jobs Please take a fresh install to do the test - not to miss any improvements.
  10. If you are, then follow @Heisath The current step is advancing the firmware so it is possible to select which SD card to mux where via USB or I2C. You can check the state on the github https://github.com/armbian/mpads
  11. I don't know how to understand that. However, I am more than happy with USBImager I read in the PDF manual about adding my user its group and now not even sudo is necessary to launch it. By the way, new release and this time with the .deb image https://gitlab.com/bztsrc/usbimager/-/releases and if you run man usbimager you see some switches for more functions.
  12. @Heisath is this the latest news on the hardware front or is there another thread? https://forum.armbian.com/topic/11022-serial-console-mux-with-pwr-switch-hat-ordering-thread
  13. Looks like 'old news' in the same thread 1,5 years ago https://forum.armbian.com/topic/10841-the-testing-thread/?do=findComment&comment=83029
  14. Hello again, any progress on that front? You won't believe it but Paperless-NG (a thing I thought about it myself) is born: https://github.com/jonaswinkler/paperless-ng and it sounds promising: https://github.com/the-paperless-project/paperless/issues/711 Apart from that, this large PR has finally received approval and the author wrote me that your problem should be fixed within as well: https://github.com/the-paperless-project/paperless/pull/652 You think this is enough, no!! there is more: https://github.com/eikek/docspell a new project (around 12-14 months) but sounds interesting too, Scala 41.8% Elm 41.7% programing language. Last but not least, I haven't looked further into https://github.com/ciur/papermerge he wrote once he is working full-time on it, but if he doesn't make any money from it and there is no active community around it I guess it will sooner or later go down the same road as paperless.