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CSI camera undetected on Orange Pi lite


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Hello !


I know that there are already topic talking about that, but they didn't helped me.


I have Armbian 5.38 Desktop.

I plugged the camera, and I think it's on the right side:



I followed instruction of Garlic here: 



Nevertheless, with motion I get a grey screen telling me that the camera is undetected:




I noticed a very small impact on the cable after the delivery of the camera, but because it is very small, I don't think it's the cause.

I don't understand, and any help is welcome.


Thank you !



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I think I have fix the issue.

It's very weird because between to test, deconnecting and reconecting the wire in the same way seem to solved the issue.


Nevermind, if you have a similar issue, you should see the post of Garlic I have quoted in the first message.

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