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Orange Pi 2E - Force HDMI output 1920x1080 for crappy DVI > HDMI adapter?


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I'm using Orange Pi 2E+ with 3.4 Multimedia kernel (intend on using Kodi)

I have a DVI monitor I want to use, and a crappy HDMI > DVI adapter which for some reason doesn't let computers know that the DVI monitor is connected to their HDMI port :angry:
Confirmed on 2 different computers. The adapter probably lacks the hotplug-detect pin because computers don't know there's a screen connected, but the screen will show an image if I force my laptop to send a video signal out it's HDMI port using xrandr. :P

Is there a way (using .fex files or whatever) to make the kernel assume that there's a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution on the Orange Pi 2E's HDMI port?


Otherwise, something like this?

Yes, I've already ordered 2 new adapters, and will bin the crappy one when they arrive, but it's going to take a long time to arrive (South African post office sucks)

Hardware hax
I found out how to fake hotplug for DVI: Tie Hotplug (pin 16) via 1k resistor to 5v (pin 14).
I cut the connector open on the sides with side cutters, and can see they've not hooked up that many of the pins. (the connector might even lack EDID wires)
If I'm in the mood on another day I might try melt off the plastic that the wires are sealed in (maybe it's hot glue) with a hot-air rework and see if melts and flows off easily.
Unfortunately pin 14 and 16 are in the middle, so the sealant would need to be cleared.



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TL;DR: I'm not doing the hardware mod.

I'll either wait until my decent adapters arrive, or do some kind of software mod.
If anyone knows how to force the Orange Pi's to output a video signal on the HDMI port even when it thinks there's nothing connected, I'd love to know!




I was harvesting parts from a PCB with my hot air rework station, so I hit that semi-clear plastic with the hot air for a while. I tried 400C and 300C After about a minute, it became more transparent and moved away from the force of the air.
It didn't smoke, liquify and drip off (like hot glue does at 240C). So I grabbed and pulled it with pliers. It wasn't very sticky at all. It had very strong surface tension and was more keen to stay together than stay on the PCB, so I pulled it off the PCB quite easily, it fit the definition of "hot snot" much better than hot glue.

I realized it'll be much easier to modify the HDMI side because all pins are accessible.
I saw pin 18 and 19 were already wired on the HDMI side, so I decided not to proceed with the mod. It's hard to tell exactly, but it looks like maybe the serial busses are not wired properly.
I was happy to do the mod if 18 and 19 were not connected, but since they are, I'm just going to leave it alone. I'm not going to debug why the crappy adapter doesn't plug-and-play.


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