Testing NanoPi NEO Core for gaming potential

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Today's project is trying to get my game emulator to run on the NanoPi NEO Core board. Lots of exposed I/O, but I'm getting random hangs and some odd behavior with the latest Armbian. In the photo is a ILI9342 (landscape version) 2.3" display and some ugly protoboards I created to allow reliable wiring + sockets for the Core board. I just updated my SPI_LCD project to include support for both the ILI9342 and the Core board's strange header: https://github.com/bitbank2/SPI_LCD


I had to wire the USB-A socket to the header because the OTG port is not properly enabled (in the available Armbian build). If I spent some time messing with it, there's probably a bunch of patches to get it working, but soldering 4 wires seemed like the quicker fix for me.


I'll keep you posted on my progress (if anyone is interested)




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Update: Everything working now. These issues are resolved:


1) Constant hangs were due to the cheap wifi adapter. It would hang the ssh session after 5-10 minutes of use. Switched to a better one and it now works reliably

2) GPIO didn't behave the same as other systems. I had to add lseek(handle, 0, SEEK_SET) before each read from a GPIO pin. I should have done it earlier, but other machines seem to work without needing that

3) Now I need to solder a 3.5mm socket onto the analog audio out to hear the output...


Here's a video of it in action:




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