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Powering Your SBC Cluster


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For those of you running a large SBC cluster - what is your solution for powering your boards.


I currently have a cluster of 18 boards that I am powering with several multiport usb chargers. My setup does work well but I am looking for alternative solutions. I'm thinking of expanding my cluster to 50 or more boards and I don't like the prospect of purchasing so many of these multiport chargers as they're a little bit expensive. And I also don't know about the long term reliability of my current setup as I have only been going for about 2 months now.


I would love to hear about and see other people's SBC cluster powering solutions.


EDIT: I'm open to all options but some kind of rackmount solution would be best. A lot of the rackmount stuff is very spendy - and I honestly don't mind that if it can power a lot of units. But I am mostly curious about skipping the powering alternatives that don't use the USB port at all. It just seems the best solution when powering many devices simultaneously.

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