Corrupted armbianEnv.txt in OPZ, fails to access expansion board

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Just a quick note to help other users that may have the same problem:


Recently I've added the 2 USB expansion board to my Orange Pi Zero running Armbian.

As the new USB ports did not get listed by lsusb, I've looked into /boot/armbianEnv.txt:

It started with samba configuration (?) and a bunch of NUL characters (!).


I assume it was corrupted by some wrong power outage.

Anyway, recovering the armbianEnv.txt file from original armbian image solved the issue.


For reference, this is my current WORKING armbianEnv.txt file contents:


overlays=usbhost2 usbhost3


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4 hours ago, nvdias said:

I've looked into /boot/armbianEnv.txt:

It started with samba configuration (?) and a bunch of NUL characters


That's filesystem corruption. Just restoring one file might be not sufficient (and your UUID used anywhere else will prevent booting anyway). I would strongly recommend to do ASAP

  • a filesystem check (fsck)
  • verify package integrity (sudo armbianmonitor -v)
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