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Can netconsole be enabled for S905x

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I know that the RaspberryPi cannot use netconsole due to the ethernet connector being driven over the USB bus, and thus not suporting polling (which is needed for netconsole).


When i look at my LePotato kernel (4.14.57), I see:

# CONFIG_NETPOLL is not set

So it is clear netconsole won't work as is.  Before I go through the process of building the kernel to enable these, I thought I'd check if I am wasting my time.  Is it expected that polling will work?  I don't know anything about the 'dwmac_meson8b' driver and what its capabilities might be...


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I see it here:



whch is the same directory that dwmac-meson8b.c and if I'm reading the Makefile right,  it looks like that may be included in the meson8b driver.  I guess that is enough for me to go ahead and try the build and see how it goes.

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So after rebuilding the kernel with:


I can confirm that netconsole does indeed work properly on my 'le potato'.  Is there a process to request that this config option be included in the default Armbian builds?  It will be annoying to need to rebuild my kernel manually forever more.


Edit: I opened a request since it seems kernel config changes are appropriate here: https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/1086


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