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  1. You'd want drive spin-up sequencing for 2 or more 3.5" drives running from a 60W PSU. You'd want at least 30W per drive for spin-up. You'd need to do that for initial power up and when waking from sleep. 15 drives peaking at 420W: Those were 5,900rpm Seagate drives, with a startup rating of 2A.
  2. chrisf

    Binary Execution error

    Is there a file called spyserver in the directory you're running the thing in?
  3. chrisf

    zram vs swap

    Have you got a tool to check the latency to compare USB2 and USB3? Or CPU usage when doing the same workload? My understanding of the difference between USB2 and 3 is USB2 is polled, while USB3 is interrupt driven. Assuming you haven't done something wrong and your numbers are an accurate representation, maybe at the hardware level USB3 requires more resources, all the interrupts could be causing excessive context switching. Or the drivers aren't as optimised yet. would be interesting to compare between different hardware USB3 implementations.
  4. chrisf

    Problem with memory

    I wouldn't be surprised with those numbers. Kingston doesn't aim for the top of the market in terms of performance. Their goal is low price. The cards will be specifically designed for sequential read and write performance. As soon as there's anything random in the write pattern, the speed will plummet. Even large block sizes of several MB will have terribly slow write speeds.
  5. chrisf

    Another RK3399: Khadas Edge

    Looks like they want someone to pay their wages for a while via an Indigogo campaign
  6. chrisf

    Can netconsole be enabled for S905x

    Are you the PhracturedBlue from ?
  7. chrisf

    Can netconsole be enabled for S905x

    See if your driver turns up in this list: I think the ethernet driver needs to explicitly support netpoll
  8. chrisf

    rk3288 or rk3328 which is fastest?

    If you're making a notebook, go for the ri3288. They were used in some cheap Chromebooks.
  9. chrisf

    rk3288 or rk3328 which is fastest?

    Ones a quad core 1.8GHz A17 and the other is a quad core 1.5GHz A53. For most tasks you'll probably find the 3288 to be faster. It's got a faster GPU. 4x the L2 cache, dual-channel memory bus The A53 has crypto extensions though, so VPN/SSL/etc will be faster. The 3288 is a high-end ARMv7 SoC, the 3328 is a low-end ARMv8 SoC.
  10. chrisf


    You've bunged up the link somehow, there's a unicode byte order marker between i and / in cjbassi/gotop If you copy/paste into a url bar you'll get a 404 and scratch your head because it looks identical to a url with %EF%BB%BF in it
  11. My guess is PCB bad layout between the memory and SoC, where the production tolerances of the DRAM/SoC mean some work fine, other don't.
  12. chrisf

    [Solved] SDRAM parameters

    I'm not sure if I understood this correctly. You want clear and complete documentation from Allwinner?
  13. Personally, I solved my Espressobin problems by throwing it in the bin.
  14. chrisf

    Enabling 1wire support rock64

    It then gives you the freedom of using a w1 kernel driver or doing it all in userspace. Being i2c, it's a master clocked protocol, so there are no timing issues even if you don't have a hardware i2c port available. OWFS supports the Maxim i2c chips too
  15. chrisf

    What about Google Home

    What about porting Google Home to an ARM linux distro?