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Debian-installer for OrangePi Zero/R1 Buster/Sid

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There is no official sdcard image but the attached script will create a image for the OrangePi Zero/R1.  It uses daily generated files from Debian daily-images and considered testing/unstable.


SDcard image creation:
You will need basic Linux/Debian and dosfs utils.  No su/root needed.  Run the script to generate sdcard image for writing to sdcard.  Optionally, if you want ssh network-console access, add preseed.cfg to same directory as script.  See attached preseed.cfg and example-preseed.txt     .


Basic installation:
Once the installer is started, it runs completely in RAM and no longer needs files from the sdcard.  You can delete all partitions on the sdcard and install Debian.  Guided partitioning is recommended.  When using ssh network-console installer, allow time for the installer to download files before logging in using ssh installer@IPAddress.


Basic SDcard image script guide:
Two parts are needed, the device-specific firmware.img.gz and partition.img.gz.  Concatenate both to get full sdcard image.  There is no firmware for the Zero/R1 but can easily be created by using gen-hd-image and extracted u-boot binary from deb file.  For more info, see attached opz-sd-gen.sh script and wiki.debian.org.


Posted for anyone interested in testing and experimental purposes.




Edit: To use buster u-boot version instead of stretch, edit script with:

sed -i 's/^UBOOTDEB.*/UBOOTDEB="u-boot-sunxi_2018.05+dfsg-1_armhf.deb"/' opz-sd-gen.sh


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