OPI H5 Zero Plus: Ethernet/LAN (RTL8211E) is not recognised

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Hey All,


I moved my armbian OS from OPI H5 Zero Plus2 to OPI H5 Zero Plus (the one with the LAN), the WiFi is working perfectly but the LAN is not recognized, nor i can find any sign on dmesg or boot (but its there, i see it).


ifconfig and ifconfig -a show only the "wlan0" and "lo".


I am using ARMBIAN 5.64.181015 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 4.14.76-sunxi64 with (armbian-config for Zero Plus 2)

As it took me pretty much time to spin-up the OS, i would like to avoid burning a new OS.

Is there a way to activate it or add/build it drivers?


Many thanks



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