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Armbian customization


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Hi to All,


After setting rootfs read only I have found a problem with RPI Monitor. I have change RPI Monitor setup like described here.

Because I have second SSD partition mounted on '/app/data' and used for writing I have changed:

/usr/share/rpimonitor/web/stat -> /app/data/rmon/stat

link to point to a folder on rw ssd rw partition and:


in /etc/rpimonitor/daemon.conf.


After starting the system RPI Monitor 'statistics.html' web page works fine but 'status.html' - not.

All information on 'status.html' web page is accessible but it does not change showing 30-40 sec up time.

This is probably the time the system is moving rootfs from rw to ro mode.

Moving the rootfs to rw mode make 'status.html' web page to work fine again.


I have also try to move all staff of '/usr/share/rpimonitor/web' folder to rw ssd partition but the problem stays there.


BTW /etc and /var folders have rw layer (tempfs) mounted by unionfs-fuse and there is no other side effects observed for now.


Any ideas where could be the problem?


Best reagrds


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Thanks Zador,

I know that similar thing happens on Cubietruck with PL2303 based adapters: power LED doesn't turn off but still lights at half brightness and SD card may fail to be detected after powering off, but I don't remember experiencing your issue and we still don't have Lime2 boards for experiments.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to test my use case because I have additional interconnection board and use GPIO-1 to connect console instead of Lime2 console connector.


BTW the difference is a protection diode and power up resistor for UARD0 RxD line in case of connecting console via Lime2 console connector. In case of connecting it via GPIO-1 connector the line goes directly to chip pins.


On the other hand all power on / off and reset functionality of Lime2 board is based on PMU chip (AXP209) and pushing PWR button have to power off the board in presence of DC-IN and battery.


Best regards


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