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I try to play with Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.14.y on Orange Pi Zero and need for my idea sf funktion (SPI) and i2c in u-boot terminal.
I've build mainline U-Boot but the files in /boot directory from armbian looks so "strange". There is any description how to replace the files or make changes.


Thanks for help.

P.S.  Have a lot of experience with uC programming, less with Linux.

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Which patches are you using to enable sf command for SPI?  The mainline Allwinner A10 SPI driver does not work with sun8i.  The only driver I've found to work is this older fork.

fork: https://github.com/StephanvanSchaik/u-boot/tree/sunxi-spi

info: https://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_SPI_flash#SPI_driver


2 hours ago, andy_n said:

/boot directory from armbian looks so "strange".

It's been awhile since I've used an official armbian image.  IIRC besides kernel related files, it's just overlays, bootscripts, and dtbs.  Also, a couple of armbian related files that need to be kept if you want the armbian OS scripts to work (armbian-config, etc).

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Thanks for answer.


I wanted to change defconfig, make u-boot and replace the files but i didn't find any description of armbian u-boot.  

If I understand it right: I can switch SPI or I2C for boot terminal only with new compiling.

I do not want to boot form SPI or I2C only read external memory and change GPIO before booting. 




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