Fixed: Orange pi zero: start wvdial issue during booting

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Problem was, that via same file /etc/rc.local was started dnsmasq which crashed and rc-local.service didn't continue with starting wvdial



Hello All,


Could  someone please help me to start command wvdial during booting-process? When I star wvdial command from command line,  LTE USB modem is started and ppp0 interface is activated and everything works fine, but I want it to be started automatically during booting-process.

I tried add wvdial to end of file /etc/rc.local, but wasn't successful. I also tried to add record to file  /etc/network/interfaces as:

auto ppp0
iface ppp0 inet wvdial

None of these mentioned above helped.  After the start of network, interface ppp0 wasnt present.  


Thank you very much! 



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