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I stopped tinkering for a while but https://magicmirror.builders/ perked my interest and been grinning at such a simple project and generally think its really great.

I think they have made some odd options as the server and electron browser have been lumped together which is a really strange choice for absolutely no advantage.
The server does need restarts and would seem far more often than you would expect and the use of electron means armv7l only which is a shame for the 0/1 owners.
You can install using chromium and you certainly don't need the load of a desktop?! Dunno been wondering.

I wanted to use a zero as love that tiny footprint and price and there are loads tutorials out there that seem to have much more than necessary and electron is chromium in a java wrapper with reduced architecture offerings so why no support? But hey.
Not that bothered about that but why the have made the server and browser monolithic as a server restart now causes a cool device to display a desktop and even why desktop on a mirror has me scratching my head.
 https://github.com/StuartIanNaylor/MagicMirror-Install-Guide-Raspberry-0-to-3 if anything it will present a different take on the install as for some reason they depart from vanilla and I actually think it works better.

Shame there isn't a Banana pi zero image or is there as loving that form factor.
I do know it gets hot as hell but just tinkering by a tiny mind with tiny boards.
PS if there is something near working give us a shout with Armbian and BPIZ

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