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Does HAT for Raspberry work for OrangePi Pc Plus ?



Dear All,


first of all,


i dont have any orange pi yet, want to have one, perhaps orange pi PC Plus. My main intention is to use as robotic experiment.


i have some questions:

- is orange pc plus GPIO compatible with raspberry one ?

- does shield / module for raspberry works in Orange Pi ?

- example : if i want to use "Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro for Raspberry Pi", can it work in orange pi ?


sorry if these euqestion existed before and sorry if wrong forum.



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I have an Orange Pi Pc Plus, and a PIVOyager, it seems I2C buses (0 and 1) are inversed between Raspberry and OrangePi.


(Nb: It was my first go use/compilation)


I have created a $HOME/go directory

then I have put the whole project inside a ~/go/src/github.com/omzlo/ structure

I have modified the file device.go https://github.com/omzlo/pivoyager/blob/2ffcdd2ec77871184f2d02f180bd47b720af077a/device/device.go#L169

to change

bus := i2c.OpenBus(1)

to :

bus := i2c.OpenBus(0)

then compile with:

/usr/lib/go-1.10/bin/go build cmd/pivoyager.go


and it works ! :-)



Ps: compiled on Armbian

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