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  1. Hi, I've decided to make a fresh install on a bigger SD card using Armbian 22.05 Bullseye on my Opi PC+. The aplay command doesn't output any sound, and alsamixer show the card is H3 codec. I don't know if the sound is output to the HDMI port or any other problem. Anyone could help ? Than you
  2. Hi, I can't compile the RTL8192EU driver on my cubieboard 1 setup with armbian. It keeps showing errors about timers. Anyone has succeed with that ?
  3. Hi Igor, Tested on : Armbian_5.20_Cubieboard_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop Armbian_5.25_Cubieboard_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.9.7_desktop I'm using Analog output aplay -l takes ages to display
  4. Hi, I've tested Armbian this week-end to replace my Cubian distro, and I failed to get the sound out of my speaker. I went back to Cubian X as sound works with stock image. Anyone could help me with it please ?
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