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[Odroid C2] HDMI Sound does work - but no audio devices.

Code4Sale LLC

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I did a quick install of the desktop image for the ODROID C2.


It sees no audio devices (HDMI - or any of the half dozen or so USB Audio devices I quickly tried).


However, I have a app I wrote that builds a custom "kitchen sink" version of FFMPEG (everything is enabled). I built it on the C2 (to get a compile time), and noticed the sound did work from the app (and it sounded great).


I wish I would have had more time to investigate why no audio devices are detected, and further, why I am able to play sound (only from the one app). Sorry.


I am just trying to be helpful in saying "hey - the sound IS there - some users just may not be able to immediately get to it".


I will have more time to investigate sometime next week, so if there is anything I can do to be more helpful, just let me know.



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