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  1. Igor said "Today, this task can be done only together" Right you are! I wish to help as best as possible. I posted about the need, and am happy to say it was reposted to various communities at least 6 times in this very short time. I cannot think of a more deserving project - thank you!
  2. The ODROID C2 image as listed below seems to work great! I am very pleased. Sound, video, network are all very good. USB devices (flash drives etc) performed exceptionally well and and as expected. I even tested the PayPal button. It worked fine (tested with 22 Euros). I encourage others to continue testing this very important feature using the same and or other amounts, as my ability to test this important feature testing is not nearly sufficient. This image boots fast. Very very fast. I used a sandisk ultra SD card. I plan to try both the samsung and that other brand (ODROID red using with the XU4) of EEMC cards later tonight. Honestly, it run so fast now, I don't know what to think. I often have corruption troubles with EEMC on the C2 using the manufactures images. It would not surprise me to find that armbian would run perfectly stable on EEMC. At Igor's request, I did perform "nasty things" to the board, however, I'm a little embarrassed to publicly admit any testing I did in this area. Let's just put it into the "extreme" category, and call it good (OK, it was great... really really great). I looked over the list of what you need, and saw nothing in particular that needs testing for this image, so IMHO, I would call this image good (great) and ship it! It beats the hell out of the manufacturers image (that rendered itself unbootable on two different devices). If you need me to perform any particular test, please let me know... If it is in the nasty category, it will have to wait, as I am a bit spent at the moment from this exceptional boot. Much thanks go out to Igor and the team! My boards would not boot without you and your fine work! Tested Image: http://image.armbian.com/betaimages/Armbian_5.23.161025_Odroidc2_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.79_desktop.7z Joe
  3. I looked at the spoilers and see folks and boards listed, but don't quite understand. Are they covered? Need more coverage? I have two ODROID C2's that I need to put an OS on (the last odroid updates rendered them useless). I am very time limited, but want to help. I also have XU4's and Pine64's, but would rather take on the C2's (kill two birds - one stone - the C2's are in need). Do you prefer me to use the prebuilt images, or the otherway? I could do either. Is there someone that can coordinate these efforts? I'm thinking that this looks like a "free for all" and is in need of a little direction for a new guy coming in the door wanting to help. Call me stupid, but I am thinking something like really clear "A-B-C" instructions: a) Pick Board -- Use this image ----c) Do this --------d) Report results here Just saying, if we could coordinate needs, we could coordinate the incoming offers to help, and you will get coordinated results. It's gotta be fast and easy to figure out what you need, fast and easy to report, fast and easy to update needs, and fast and easy to find. So what can be done to help an idiot like me provide useful help to really smart folks like you guys? Joe
  4. Found a little space on our handbill to help promote armbain TJoe(h^);
  5. We will be handing out a few armbain mugs at the Ohio Linux Fest (while supplies last). Come see us at the Linux Podcasters Corner! TJoe(h^);
  6. I did a quick install of the desktop image for the ODROID C2. It sees no audio devices (HDMI - or any of the half dozen or so USB Audio devices I quickly tried). However, I have a app I wrote that builds a custom "kitchen sink" version of FFMPEG (everything is enabled). I built it on the C2 (to get a compile time), and noticed the sound did work from the app (and it sounded great). I wish I would have had more time to investigate why no audio devices are detected, and further, why I am able to play sound (only from the one app). Sorry. I am just trying to be helpful in saying "hey - the sound IS there - some users just may not be able to immediately get to it". I will have more time to investigate sometime next week, so if there is anything I can do to be more helpful, just let me know. Joe
  7. Sorry it took so long to reply. Not sure why, but the notification email got lost in my inbox. My wife got a quote from the post office for shipping to the U.K, Germany, India, and Japan (for starters - sorry - she did not get Russia - I will work on that). Wow. just shy of $23 U.S.D. (within 50 cents) via the "cheapest way possible". The boxes are made for mugs, are foam lined, and measure 5.25 inches per side. Shipping weight is about 15 ounces (sorry for the non-metric - we are very backwards here in the U.S.A.). I will gladly do the mugs at no charge (a little donation to the project is my intent). I cannot believe how much the U.S. Postal Service wants for shipping. I would normally donate the shipping, however, I have been ill, and my "day job" has gone on a 50% pay reduction (ouch), so for now, that is the best I can do. Perhaps my situation will improve soon, and I can throw in the shipping for the first dozen. Let me know of your are interested. I can do them in Light and Dark Blue, Black, Reddish/Orangish, (with the color either on the rim and handle, or just inside), White, Silver Fleck, and "Surprise Dark Brown - it's totally very brown - almost black - and turn's white and reveals the logo when a hot liquid is added. Alternatively, perhaps I will win the lotto, and be able to deliver in person! Joe
  8. Where did the the fracking FAQ for dummies go? Am I crazy (please don't answer that), or was there not a little section on stuff like "How do I add a xyz thing-a-jig" somewhere? OK, I'm old, forgetful, and I need new glasses, but I just can't find it. It was there the other day, I'm sure of it! Oh! Oh My! I hit the plus button way too many times, this window is really huge, and now I can't read what I wrote. Damn it, Now I forgot what I was posting about.... Oh well... Happy Holidays, Joe
  9. I attached a picture of your coffee mugs, I hope you like them. This is the best I can do "on the fly" for Christmas eve. Red, Dark Blue, and SilverFlake. I love the silver. I should have done a black one. I's late. Can I have one? The font was very helpful. If you like them, I can have office girl take some better pictures. I can do um with color rim and handles, color inside only, black, blue, red, "TwiT blue", white, clear (you won't like that), frosted (you won't like that either), and "hidden" (you have to add hot beverage for the logo to show up - expensive - you might like that). Want to try to sell a dozen for starters, and raise some money for the project? Send me your shipping address and a color preference, and I will send you one. Joe
  10. Hi There, I hope I posted this in the correct forum. We run a lot of distros on a given "disk" or "sdcard" (or whatever). We call our system "Boot-Crazy". Here goes: The partition starts with a small boot partition containing the initial boot parameters, configuration, and a pointer to the partition holding the root file system we want to boot. The boot partition is followed by some number of other partitions, like this: [bOOT]-[sWAP]-[COMMON]-[COPYOF-DISTO-1-BOOT]-[DISTO-1-ROOT-FILE-SYSTEM]-[COPYOF-DISTO-2-BOOT]-[DISTO-2-ROOT-FILE-SYSTEM]... Armbian (as downloaded for the BananaPi-M2) is simply one large partition, like this: [armbian] How can I get armbian to work with our boot system? In other words, I need to get the boot portion of armbian into it's own little partition (256MB - preferably FAT or FAT32) at the beginning of the "disk" (something like mmcblk0p1 or sda1) and the root file system somewhere else (possibly on a different disk). In general, we use a MBR style of disk (putting the file systems in an extended partition). GPT is sometimes used. Hopefully, this is reasonably easy to pull off. I have been successful in the past with other distros by doing something like simply copying the contents of the root file system's boot directory into the boot partition, and editing, but (so far) that has not worked. I would be very thankful for any help or advice received. Thank you in advance, Joe
  11. A case for "Sticky" Subjects I see a need for "Sticky" Subjects, or a board category for some appropriate discussions: WishBoard support: Let user's provide both a wish list of boards they would like to support, and what they might be willing to do get support for a board. Let me start that on out: How about a NVIDIA Jetson TX1? The drivers are avialable, there is probably good support for getting it off the line, and I would be willing to try to get someone a dev board to work with: http://www.nvidia.com/object/jetson-tx1-module.html Publicity Support: Publicity for armbian means awareness and donations. Let's not forget there must be manufacturer's that would help back this effort. Make it easy to tell the story. armbian patches and stickers go a long way. Make it easy for me to tell your story. Speaking of that, there needs to be a story page. Let me put a foot forward on this one. I will donate a case of custom printed armbian coffee mugs, in a variety of colors, and foam shipping boxes. You sell um, I'll ship um, you keep the dough! If I can get permission to use the logo (you post "OK Joe"), and I will print up a sample in the next day or so, post the pic, you take a look, and if it's good, I will print up a case of um, and post the pic of the pile of mugs. You go sell um from the front page! Let me know where to ship, I will deliver (providing the U,S, Post Office will let me ship to the country). More stickies: A little more FAQ... FAQ... FAQ... A virtual suggestion box: please add a sticky to post more great ideas. Can we please keep this post rolling along? Good things should come from it! Thank you! And Rock On!!! Joe
  12. I suppose developing for the Raspberry Pi would seem like a step backwards, however, there I would think there would be some real benefits that might reap some huge rewards. When looking at the download list, I was impressed. And the second thing I looked for was a distro for the RasPi. It was missing. oh! I would think that RasPi org would work with you, assist you, and put your distro on the main page. Wow. That's a pretty large sign to put up, with lots of spotlights for the project. I could be wrong about that (getting help and assistance), and of that was the case, it sure would make a great story to tell. Having a RasPi disto would be very cool. I think most folks coming here probably have more than one board, and whatever boards you do have, I would bet one is a RasPi, and you use it as a benchmark to measure everything else against. With that, I would like to use armbain to bench with! So while dev'ing for a RasPi might not be a lot of fun, I do see a RasPi distro as essential, both as a benchmark, and for the shear publicity that would be derived from it. I also understand that there is only so much that everyone involved can take on, and for that, I am very thankful. And thank you for the time, space, and freedom to post an opinion! Thank you for being free (as in cost and open-source). and I urge folks to remember, it's not really free (as is cost), it is a "gift" of time, labor, love, and expense! Please support "free" software. In ending, please consider making the donation button larger, with a little more verbiage to entice folks to push the button, and consider adding more buttons that link to more ways to support the effort. Who knows, given a "Google Pay" button, even I might press it! Thanks again, Joe
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