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Orangepione emulate hid keyboard




Hi all, i have orangepione

uname -a

Linux orangepione 4.19.20-sunxi #5.75 SMP Sat Feb 9 19:02:47 CET 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

And i try create hid gadget keyboard.

I find topics about raspi zero, orange pi zero, and i use config from where.

So i can create keyboard, and when i connect it to linux or windows machine i can see symbols, but when i try send key to macbook bios i have no luck.

Did anybody know how to get work with macbook?



exit 0

alex@orangepione:~$ cat /usr/bin/isticktoit_usb 
sleep 10

# Create gadget
mkdir /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/mykeyboard
cd /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/mykeyboard

# Add basic information
echo 0x0100 > bcdDevice # Version 1.0.0
echo 0x0200 > bcdUSB # USB 2.0
echo 0x00 > bDeviceClass
echo 0x00 > bDeviceProtocol
echo 0x00 > bDeviceSubClass
echo 0x08 > bMaxPacketSize0
echo 0x0104 > idProduct # Multifunction Composite Gadget
echo 0x1d6b > idVendor # Linux Foundation

# Create English locale
mkdir strings/0x409

echo "My manufacturer" > strings/0x409/manufacturer
echo "My virtual keyboard" > strings/0x409/product
echo "0123456789" > strings/0x409/serialnumber

# Create HID function
mkdir functions/hid.usb0

echo 1 > functions/hid.usb0/protocol
echo 8 > functions/hid.usb0/report_length # 8-byte reports
echo 1 > functions/hid.usb0/subclass
echo -ne \\x05\\x01\\x09\\x06\\xa1\\x01\\x05\\x07\\x19\\xe0\\x29\\xe7\\x15\\x00\\x25\\x01\\x75\\x01\\x95\\x08\\x81\\x02\\x95\\x01\\x75\\x08\\x81\\x03\\x95\\x05\\x75\\x01\\x05\\x08\\x19\\x01\\x29\\x05\\x91\\x02\\x95\\x01\\x75\\x03\\x91\\x03\\x95\\x06\\x75\\x08\\x15\\x00\\x25\\x65\\x05\\x07\\x19\\x00\\x29\\x65\\x81\\x00\\xc0 > functions/hid.usb0/report_desc

# Create configuration
mkdir configs/c.1
mkdir configs/c.1/strings/0x409

echo 0x80 > configs/c.1/bmAttributes
echo 200 > configs/c.1/MaxPower # 200 mA
echo "Example configuration" > configs/c.1/strings/0x409/configuration

# Link HID function to configuration
ln -s functions/hid.usb0 configs/c.1

#Sleep for 10 seconds
sleep 10
ls /sys/class/udc > UDC
chmod 777 /dev/hidg0


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