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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I am using Armbian 5.23 Jessie Desktop version with retrorange pi, in my orange pi pc, using the firefox on youtube i can watch videos in 480p more than it the video is bad doesnt run good, i can't watch netflix because the version firefox esr 45 don't have support to html 5, and to use facebook have a delay to load the pages, i think the firefix version default of armbian aren't so good, i tryed update the firefox but i didn't found none tutorial for it, so someone knows how i update the firefox or install the other version with support to html 5? or someone knows how a install Chromium? Is normal the videos of 720 don't run good ? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I was doing speed tests on the XR819 and started looking at the driver code. My this looks very similar to the cw1200 driver already in mainline Linux. I started modifying the cw1200 driver to try and get it to work with the XR819. Apart from someone renaming functions and adding a bunch of important junk for XR819, the drivers are quite similar. I've modified the cw1200 driver up to the point that it's loading the boot_cw1x60.bin ( boot_xr819.bin ) file, but for some reason the bootloader is returning an error instead of success. I don't think it's possible to diagnose this without the datasheet from ST. Clearly this exists, because people were able to write the cw1200 driver for mainline. Does anyone have a clue where I might find the datasheet for the CW1100? I also haven't been able to find the firmware files from ST for this chip. They don't exist in the linux-firmware tree! Here's my progress thus far: Try to load cw1200_wlan_sdio first time. Timeout waiting for bootloader to respond (I think XR819 has the same bug, no?) Unload the module and load it again: Here's my diff to the mainline driver.
  3. Preparation Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 guest inside a VirtualBox or other virtualization software, Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 guest managed by Vagrant. This uses Virtualbox (as above) but does so in an easily repeatable way. Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 inside a Docker, systemd-nspawn or other container environment (example). Building full OS images inside containers may not work, so this option is mostly for the kernel compilation, Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 running natively on a dedicated PC or a server, 20GB disk space or more and 2GB RAM or more available for the VM, container or native OS, superuser rights (configured sudo or root access). Execution apt-get -y install git git clone cd build ./ This will download all necessary sources, execute compilation and/or build a boot-able image. Most of things will be cached so next run will be extremely faster! Real time examples: Documentation