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Found 3 results

  1. Preparation Supported build environment is Ubuntu Focal 20.04 x64 (minimal iso image). a guest inside a VirtualBox or other virtualization software, a guest managed by Vagrant . This uses Virtualbox (as above) but does so in an easily repeatable way. Please check the Armbian with Vagrant README for a quick start HOWTO, inside a Docker , systemd-nspawn or other container environments (example), running natively on a dedicated PC or a server (not recommended), 20GB disk space or more and 2GB RAM or more available for the VM, container or native
  2. Few weeks ago I started to do some early investigating where we are in general. From rough to very specific ones. That shall not be my personal plan only - what to do in the next 6-12 months? What shell we try to finish, change, close, turn to, remove, go, ...? There are wishes, plans, micro plans. Some are common, some individual. Most of them are in our heads or just scattered around various forum topics, GitHub issues, personal agendas. Without proper common project tracking, one need a day or a week to sit down, scrap all this, think, make a visual, think again. And percep
  3. Hi everyone, I was doing speed tests on the XR819 and started looking at the driver code. My this looks very similar to the cw1200 driver already in mainline Linux. I started modifying the cw1200 driver to try and get it to work with the XR819. Apart from someone renaming functions and adding a bunch of important junk for XR819, the drivers are quite similar. I've modified the cw1200 driver up to the point that it's loading the boot_cw1x60.bin ( boot_xr819.bin ) file, but for some reason the bootloader is returning an error instead of success. I don't think