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  1. Igor's post in Intel Z83 (Z8350) Mini PC was marked as the answer   
    AFAIK we don't have support for x86 inside default installer yet, but it should work if you DD fresh image directly to the device, whatever that device is. eMMC, NVME, SATA or USB.
  2. Igor's post in Wifi lb-link model: wn155a "MTK7601 chipset" driver (150Mbps) was marked as the answer   
    wrong. this way

    This module works on kernel 4.19.y ... Better use that one. You can also try with hints from this script https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/sunxi-4.18/packages/extras/mt7601.sh
  3. Igor's post in dl.armbian.com certificate expired was marked as the answer   
    Problem is on our side and a bug has been opened to the infrastructure team. You can switch to https://redirect.armbian.com/torrent/all-torrents.zip (permanent) or wait that is fixed.
  4. Igor's post in Hardware (H/W) Acceleration Support for Video Decoding in Browser was marked as the answer   
    In order to have such functionality in open source, where anyone can integrate code from another, this will be a lot harder. For example - our user / you covers us only 0.5% of costs of this project https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/ Manjaro on ARM is a lot smaller project and basically only builds mainline kernel for you. Official builds - they are patching stock kernel, where such functions might be glued together in some proprietary way, with blobs. Linux distributions usually don't go that way since that would mean support can be tied to one (and those very similar) hardware only.
    What you are asking for is expensive to develop and I am not aware if there are any usable common ways. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Foundation has 1000+ volunteers and around 100 full-time staff and yearly revenue of 500+ million dollars. If they can't provide this functionality OOB within their budget, few people certainly can't. This problem is also not Radxa specific. They integrate SoCs and sell it. We are focused into a build framework, so you can use this HW for something. For full potential, you need to look into different price range.
  5. Igor's post in Boot armbian from USB-SSD was marked as the answer   
    Start here:
  6. Igor's post in Support for RockPi 4C was marked as the answer   
  7. Igor's post in [Solved] Bad file is uploaded to server was marked as the answer   
    True, image was corrupted on upload and was fixed few moments ago.
    Thank you for reporting.
  8. Igor's post in Unable to compile from source was marked as the answer   
  9. Igor's post in SATA port was marked as the answer   
    Of course.
  10. Igor's post in Odroid xu4 usb sata SSD drive random disconnect was marked as the answer   
    Search Odroid forums for similar problems. Then search Raspbery Pi forums for similar problems ... then ask storage experts on some storage oriented forums if they recommend USB connected drives and why not. USB protocol / drives were not designed for 24/7 usage and Armbian can't fix what is fundamentally broken.

    Disabling UASP might help.
  11. Igor's post in retry count exceeded Error was marked as the answer   
    Get another SD card - only boot loader is loaded in since it can't read from SD card it tries network boot ...
  12. Igor's post in Broadcom BCM2711, was marked as the answer   
    With a previous release cycle we have added support for Raspberry Pi4. Currently we are producing daily images only (rolling release):
    When someone steps as a maintainer, it can become officially supported:
    We only support Ubuntu based builds for now and kernel source is attached to official RaspberryPi sources. Which is better then mainline.
  13. Igor's post in Alwinner A20 Micro won't output HDMI was marked as the answer   
  14. Igor's post in Sound Card Lost after upgrading packages was marked as the answer   
    armbian-config -> system -> hardware and enable audio
  15. Igor's post in Screen goes blank after boot Cubietruck armbian 20.08 was marked as the answer   
    VGA is not supported - if you manage to get it up, you are welcome to submit a working/tested patch. We haven't find time to deal with this for past half year and for another half this tasks will remain untouched.
  16. Igor's post in [Odroid HC4] Armbian 22.02 Bullseye zfs no module found was marked as the answer   
    ___ _ _ _ _ _ ____ _ _ / _ \ __| |_ __ ___ (_) __| | | | | |/ ___| || | | | | |/ _` | '__/ _ \| |/ _` | | |_| | | | || |_ | |_| | (_| | | | (_) | | (_| | | _ | |___|__ _| \___/ \__,_|_| \___/|_|\__,_| |_| |_|\____| |_| Welcome to Armbian 22.02.1 Jammy with bleeding edge Linux 5.15.30-meson64 No end-user support: unsupported (jammy) userspace! System load: 102% Up time: 1:42 Memory usage: 69% of 3.70G Zram usage: 8% of 1.85G IP: CPU temp: 66°C Usage of /: 3% of 58G ZFS pool: Online  
    I am running Armbian Jammy with ZFS 2.1.2
    odroidhc4:~:% zpool status pool: tank state: ONLINE config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM tank ONLINE 0 0 0 ata-WDC_WD80EFAX-68KNBN0_VDJKU00K ONLINE 0 0 0 cache ata-SAMSUNG_MZ7PD256HAFV-000H7_S16PNYAD800646 ONLINE 0 0 0 errors: No known data errors
    Just to add that this is achieved in straightforward manner:
    1. Download CLI image from download pages
    2. Install headers via armbian-config
    3. Installing packages: zfs-dkms zfsutils-linux
    Done. Then dealing with ZFS.
  17. Igor's post in Orangepi Zero2 bullseye image can't use was marked as the answer   
    Fixed https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1107
  18. Igor's post in BananaPi Pro: Enabling the SATA port and compiling the kernel from source. was marked as the answer   
    dpkg -i linux-dtb-current-sunxi_22.02.0-trunk_armhf.deb dpkg -i linux-image-current-sunxi_22.02.0-trunk_armhf.deb
    This is mandatory, the rest optional.
  19. Igor's post in Certificates on stpete and imola are expired was marked as the answer   
    Ah. For this you need to update ca-certificates package before rolling full apt update and apt upgrade.
  20. Igor's post in Can I install linux-generic-hwe-20.04 kernel for Armbian Focal? was marked as the answer   
    Why would you want to downgrade to the generic Ubuntu kernel? (where its highly possible you will not even boot)

    Agree. You are already at best possible variant ... which could ofc be polished.
    Do you know why Armbian builds kernels almost for all platforms? Because in ARM diverse world it is not possible to trust to Ubuntu, Debian, or kernel.org.
    According to your questions I would assume you are not very familiar with the situation in ARM hardware world and it would be good to check FAQ:
    "Armbian fancy some kernel development and a lot of its maintaining. Debian relies on upstream sources for ARM hardware which can be years behind and/or lack of many functions". For Ubuntu this is just a little bit better then Debian.
    Armbian kernels are (ARM HW) HWE by default, all of them: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/patch/kernel/archive
    Armbian is hardware enabler for the device you plan to use. Not Ubuntu, which actually don't support those devices. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/
    Also, when you will run into troubles ... We are already unable to assist Armbian (kernel) users, so other (Ubuntu kernel) users comes last. In reality - never.
  21. Igor's post in [WARNING!!!] wireguard-manager script is wiping /etc/wireguard !!! was marked as the answer   
    Yes, better some tools then no tools, but probably we should just move to packaged version or to more recent version ...

    If you like to help - provide merge request with TAG from git which is ok. If none, contact authors, open issue to them. We are in the process to scale the project down because we can't pay for everything users find in open source software. I used to lost up to 10 hours daily just for communicating with users request. Now I just ignore since that can only lead to insanity. To get a picture how this "armbian maintainers - do something" looks like.
    That is the best what can be done. 
    FOSS is released without any warranty because we can't pay for service users would wish to have. Fixing bugs in SW made by 10.000+ people. We can't cover even much less No interest, most users doesn't even understand the value ... fast forward. https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/armbian-needs-your-help/ There is some interest but still we are far far away, not enough to boost support on levels users would imagine to have (without paying developers for the time they will lost). Someone that will fix troubles that might be hard, not fun and by much higher pressure they are used in their well paid professional environment. In real-time and on their personal expense.

    This project is backed by amateurs, by you and me and other people that like to play with those devices. There is not formal support as such (it goes under as is, best effor support) -  Armbian is not Red Hat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Hat with 10.000+ full time engineers looking to the code, made by them and others.
  22. Igor's post in Upgrade install on Rock Pi S. No serial console with Focal Edge image. was marked as the answer   
    Yes. It is clearly written on the download pages https://www.armbian.com/rockpi-s/ (Modern kernel serial console is on UART2) I have personally lost a week trying to fix this "small" problem and I will not repeat this ever again. Armbian is dropping official support for this hardware, images and upgrade will be no more ... Not your fault - we also made mistake trusting this vendor. You (anyone) can pick up and proceed with support to keep it at least on this level as now.
  23. Igor's post in [Solved] Problems setting up armbian desktop using armbian-config (lightdm-greeter) was marked as the answer   
    Bug is actually outside Armbian domain - we are 1000 x too small to be able to fix bugs in community maintained packages -
    https://www.google.com/search?q=lightdm-gtk-greeter+bug - fixed in desktop build scenario, forgotten to fix in armbian-config.
    We have replaced buggy greeter with slick-greeter which is why desktop still works just fine.
  24. Igor's post in Bullseye: Automatic upgrade when unstable becomes stable? was marked as the answer   
  25. Igor's post in Problems with the RTL8192cu driver was marked as the answer   
    In fact it is. Starting with v197 systemd:
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