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  1. Perhaps restarting crond? service cron restart or by rebooting?
  2. But now it should not touch hard drive at all ... unless your /var/log is the hard drive. Edit: it works for me. HDD remain sleeping after executing command found in cronjob /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog write
  3. Armbian provides kernel to Debian or Ubuntu user land. You should ask NextCloud creators what do they recommend but IMO Stretch will be just fine. Interface with kernel is identical so there will be no difference. Start with a clean image ... Armbian is identical to Debian or Ubuntu on this level. Proceed with NextCloud recommendations for transferring things from one server to another.
  4. https://www.olimex.com/Products/DIY-Laptop/KITS/
  5. Yes, it looks like that is the problem so this part needs to be done differently.
  6. Igor

    Rock PI 4

    Somebody needs to develop this feature, but since relation between developers and users wishes are extremely extreme, you can't use this feature unless you do it. Here https://github.com/armbian/sunxi-DT-overlays you can observe overlays project made for Allwinner chips. As an example.
  7. Armbian for PC2 is based on a modern kernel, developed by community. Not all features are developed yet, but mostly what works, works (much) better. We don't support (Android) BSP kernel for many reasons. By implement (Google is your friend) already developed but not very well tested 3D and video routines - there are many problems so this is not a simple task, lower our implementation costs and wait that things get implemented. Probably with K5.2.y, perhaps sooner. yes, when implemented http://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-Cedrus
  8. 3rd party hardware is out of Armbian domain since ever. We hardly manage to follow enabling requests (you have to prepare PR or it can slip away) for existing 3rd party hw support, but we can't afford to cover R&D costs for anything like this. We can't catch up with on-board hardware with resources that are around and have time dealing with this. If you ask in general, then this is how things go: https://www.armbian.com/get-involved ... it becomes simple once overlay is developed, tested and merged in Armbian. But since entire RK3399 section is still WIP without end users support, wish/idea is a bit premature. More basic things are troublesome and they have much bigger priority.
  9. Your problem description is too vague and without logs problem does not exists. Try clean image from download section and remember that this is amateur bases support and topic bumping - getting unjustified attention - is serious forum offence.
  10. Can you provide some info from output/debug folder ... on my test KVM virtual x64 machine running Bionic it builds fine. Under Docker, native as well. - removing Docker image? - removing build directory and start from scratch?
  11. C1 -> 5.1.y (serial console only) N2 -> latest upstream changes updated repository
  12. Igor

    Bluetooth poser

  13. Igor

    Bluetooth poser

    No, its part of the image and we only rebuild kernel packages for this board. You need to rebuild it or wait on next update which is not even due.
  14. We know its better but not alright. But it is impossible(simply too expensive) to communicate this rapidly changing information, especially not one2one or in private (yes, many people sends me this repeated known info on the email/private comm) on daily base to users. When things become stable under our standards image is labelled "supported" (https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-supported) and then we are happy for users input ... while now there are far too many known troubles that we can handle. If you can contribute in finding the perfect values to make this board stable or help in current project problems, you are more then welcome. Edit: you need to make 3 more (valuable) contributions, before getting write access here. We had to make a limit to development parts of the forum because pointless and repeating questions from newbies are piling up.
  15. Sources packages should be architecture independent. Perhaps there is not a correct configuration attached ... in that case you have to use the one from /boot/*config*
  16. Fix should already be a part of Armbian NEXT 4.19.y kernel.
  17. Or https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9368-orangepi-3-h6-allwiner-chip/?do=findComment&comment=80443 Sometimes rebuild stuck.
  18. Igor

    Bluetooth poser

    That's a good sign. After this commit, things works as expected. I could find and pair my mobile phone with Nanopi M4 without issues.
  19. Igor

    Bluetooth poser

    Yes, if you have a device up: hcitool dev I have a better solution anyway and it (seems to) work, but need to do more tests.
  20. Igor

    Bluetooth poser

    It is but it looks this method is not very stable. Another one is already in the works. Need to do more tests ...