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  1. Igor

    problem with hotspot

    Provide logs with armbianmonitor -u
  2. We all know there are several shortcomings which causes mess in the config files and prevent simple implementing of more complex scripting. In order to make build system future proof and to cleanup the exception mess, which is virtually everywhere, I decided to start working on a part of the build system. Now the concept works and it is not that far to be mad if idea is bad packages/extras was moved into this, then board support package and (for now) Cubietruck and Tinkerboard hacks from config/sources/ All others have to be implement into packages and their scripts. It's one time job and it will be much easier in the future, with new boards or functions. New board support packages are now broken into unlimited number of packages. Currently there are three main groups and already present logical packages. Most of present are tested and are fully operational. Mostly its copy/past with bug fixed here and there. Perhaps some bugs were made in this process, but in essence system works - for those two boards. Upgrade path is not determined yet - I only focused on packaging and installing. All those packages can be installed from freshly build ones or from the repository. Each package can have their own number and package is rebuild only if number upstream doesn't exists. This RFC includes preliminary merge of @balbes150 TV boxes fork so it's ATM a bit messy. Cubietruck and Tinkerboard images were tested (Bluetooth briefly, audio need to check again), the rest is not prepared and it requires some manual work. I hope someone else, not just the usual suspects, will help doing this. I will slowly move forward and keep it mergeable/synced with upstream. This approach is more or less only a working proposal for changes. IMHO it's better than what we have now but not perfect. (WIP) Readme with some more details https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/tvboxes/config/packages You can try this by adding LIB_TAG="tvboxes" Edit: Skeleton is done, images can be build from this branch ... Most but not all of our current families and board specialities has been moved under this packaging system. I tested Cubietruck, RockPro, Tinkerboard. At least they works fine - checked for Bluetooth (TB/CB3) and video acceleration on Cubietruck. TBD: adjust changes in armbian-config regarding desktop (nodm is gone, lightdm only with possible autologin) and kernel switching. @JMCC Welcome to try adding perhaps Tinkerboard MM script as a new multimedia/something package. What shall be its name? If some 3rd party packages needs to be placed to the repository, put them here: https://github.com/armbian/upload @gprovost mvebu family is not there yet, but if you got time it should be clear what to do? If not, I wrote lousy docs or scripting is more complicated as before @selfbg Added Olimex SOM204. Check when possible. @zador.blood.stained Are packages relations alright? I hope they are future proof. Upgrade is planned from armbian-config and is actually optional. Older packages, except boot and kernel are no more. @tkaiser cpufreq is not overwriting anymore, serial consoles are board property SERIALCON="ttyS0,ttyGS0", board config is reloaded right before packages building. Shell we move hardware-optimisations.sh to per board script? Changes should not affect OMV. @Staars Z28Pro merged but untested @lanefu @5kft @TonyMac32 .... check. @balbes150 have a lot of work to move his scripting into the build engine. Helping him, testing, fixing, ... @all Check and join if you can. beta.armbian.com can be switched to this new world order ASAP. Expected merge due: 2/2019 ? Happy 19!
  3. Igor

    problem with hotspot

    I can confirm that it is crashing for me too. Finding out why will take a little longer. It would help to know which was last known good configuration ...
  4. https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_User-Configurations/
  5. I am not yet confident enough to do this. I also have unplanned personal issues which will be taking me a lot of time for the next two months. Let's discuss steps: - rename master to stable. Keep it default? For how long? How to maintain two even one is barely possible? - rename tvboxes to master - add a note about this change - accept PR only on a new branch? - make a forum announcement - beta.armbian.com is getting updates from this new branch - dealing with this problem on the way https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1129
  6. It works, but sometimes it doesn't: https://github.com/armbian/config/issues/33
  7. Linux Mint "Ubuntu" might be different enough to cause troubles. IDK. If you like to discover them, go ahead, while if you want to make use of a build system, pay attention to the documentation: https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ The only supported compilation environment is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 (no other releases are supported! It has to be exactly 18.04 otherwise default compiler versions might not match so if you’re on an older Ubuntu release upgrade to 18.04 now, if you use a newer Ubuntu version start with 18.04 from scratch),
  8. Igor

    Ubuntu 18.04 build environment

    Log show that host system is broken. Why? Probably by some user intervention. Not important, since its not possible to recreate and build system works properly if you follow the docs. If you install build system on already changed system ... there is no warranty that things will work -> use recommended ways like dedicated VM/Docker.
  9. Igor

    Sound problems with NanoPi M4

    If it doesn't break anything, sure.
  10. Sure. Will wait until we agree on proposed changes. I don't want to adjust this every week. It depends. If we have WIP hw there, then perhaps "board bring up" also suits there? If forum is divided into hardware/software it makes some sense. I am not satisfied with any of ideas yet. Under Member's area / Peer to peer Forum is allegedly censored and that is apparently the reason he don't want to participate. Or something else? IDK and can't do much about except keeping forum censor free.
  11. OK, That sounds reasonable. Write = developers, moderators, ... Let's revert back to "SD card and PSU issues" to also emphasise their importance. Putting together? Let's wait for objections. I am fine. Another, a bit more radical, change proposition: #Announcements & first aid  ## Announcements (e.g. someone steps back, someone gets maintainership, new major release - only certain people can post here) ## Board doesn't boot ### SD-Card and PSU related issues #Hardware ## Allwinner A20 ## Allwinner H2 & H3 ## Allwinner H5 & A64 ## [WIP] Allwinner H6 Forum name is in the URL. This has to be solved differently. In a description or by using some large font for this sub-forum rules. ## Armada A388, A3700 ## Amlogic S905(x) ## NXP (Freescale) ## Rockchip 3288 & 3328 ## [WIP] Rockchip 3399 ## Other supported boards ## Unsupported boards ## TV boxes ## Hacks ## Board bring up #Software ## Debian/Ubuntu issues ## Research guides and tutorials #Member's Area ## Reviews ## Off topic chit chat Feature development can be simply placed into general development area? # Development ## Armbian build framework
  12. Unlikely. It's a problem with their kernel. We don't use Debian kernel - it's way too old, but I will pay attentions to upstream changes in this area.
  13. This toggle BT when low level support is operational. Since BT is low important, not all boards has a working configuration.
  14. I am just informing you that there are problems hidden deep inside. We have encounter some and some are ready to be found in a process when kernel gets matured. If I would sit in the plane where captain would say: "Welcome on board. This plane is running RK3399 ... I would immediately leave that plane" In a few months from now, situation will be changed ... if there will be enough interest to have this kernel pitch perfect.
  15. No, in general: "RK3399 board support is WIP, "for testing only" and problems are expected! If you want to use those boards for some real cases, don't."
  16. I hope you are not going to fly soon? RK3399 is not ready to fly yet
  17. Igor

    Orangepi zero plus2 H3 (4.19.20)

    OK, bug fixed. Try: https://dl.armbian.com/orangepizeroplus2-h3/Debian_stretch_next.7z
  18. Not really. We have own tool which tells more: armbianmonitor -u It looks like a bug in the driver. When fixed IPs are set, it doesn't work (while it works with first USB based wifi that I have found on the table) ... welcome to the dungeons of single board computers We are usually very happy if those shitty chip/drivers(s) connect and works without too much hassle.
  19. Igor

    Common desktop settings not saved on reboot

    Desktop, when installed via armbian-config, had this problem and it was fixed a week ago at source level. Hasn't landed to the repository yet. https://github.com/armbian/config/commit/6c6947f2bea6f5af87fd542478584d6a5fd593a4
  20. Igor

    RTL8153 discussion

    It should be fine. 8153 seems to come only in a USB3 package anyway.
  21. So we could face some corruption/troubles with initrd? And so only A20 is affected by this issue.
  22. If you messed up network settings and/or use different tools at the same time, it might cause troubles. Start from a clean image and use nmtui tool. It must work that way. If you want to use some other way, you are on your own.
  23. You mean inside "Community forums" section? I don't quite get this. Let's "visualize". Mark inside how do you mean: For RK3399 I add this to the forum rules: RK3399 board support is WIP, "for testing only" and problems are expected! If you want to use those boards for some real cases, don't.
  24. Igor

    Orangepi zero plus2 H3 (4.19.20)

    We need full log, not just the (non relevant) end.
  25. Everything you need to know is summed in this document: https://www.armbian.com/get-involved/ or here https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute/ But before you get there, you have to deal with a script. Make useful changes and understand/ask where exactly are some particular sources in the Github.