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  1. There are 1000+ people that also wants to kill me with a "favour", which is nothing else but covering your interest. Don't you agree? I have give you those links that you will follow and perhaps understand. More then that it is not possible to do. We are supporting you with best effort and our effort is already at a very extreme range. If you find a bug, but you would like to fix it, hire someone to fix it for you and send a patch: https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute/ You don't need to give me money. Give it to someone else. This is your support contract: https://github.com/armbian/build#support @Süleyman Poyraz Topic was split and moved to respective "board bring up forum" ...
  2. I think by editing /etc/default/armbian-motd and changing STORAGE to something else than your hard drive device.
  3. https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/3115 This should / will be fixed with an update when it will be issued. When there will be time for that. Try with self build image. Debian officially release Bullseye just two weeks prior to our release so it was a hard decision. We are expecting problems to happen, but there is little to be done, especially if bugs are coming somewhere from Debian packages, we don't maintain. Or changes in Debian changed our features into bugs. Hard to tell without research.
  4. Things are missing with a reason - support costs real money and we receive no help in this regard. All what exists or lets say most is a gift from developers community around Armbian. First cover this - currently your share is below 0.5%, then asks for more. Cover expenses of this question is our cost (answering support questions is another way how we loose our money while receive nothing in return, usually not even a genuine appreciation), which means we are not even close to possible to cover actions of your questions. Not a single cent (!) never ever came from a direction of Asus or Radxa, while your donations are not covering the electricity costs of the server this message is stored Since you are asking for some services, I understand you have a plan how you will cover expenses of developing them? We don't. Growing Armbian more on our expense is just not going to happen. It is on you to cover the level that is now. For start cover existing expenses away from us or join and do things we need to do in your interest. https://forum.armbian.com/clients/donations/ Donate 20.000 EUR (per year per board), and we will happily provide support and I will not need to waste my precious time for informing you how there is nothing we can do for you ... Instead of sending questions here, keep continuous pressure to vendors - why they don't pay this relatively small bill? And repeat that question over and over again. Tell your friends to do the same. And contribute as much as you can. Then perhaps things will change and your question won't sounds ... ridiculous.
  5. In current armbian-config, we have a broken desktop install on top of CLI images, while I have made several checks and come to a conclusion its fairly simple to install desktop. Which could be a nice first working functionality in the new armbian-config. And a reason to start moving on. 1. Available desktops per release for select box: apt-cache search armbian-$(grep VERSION_CODENAME /etc/os-release | cut -d"=" -f2)-desktop- | cut -d" " -f1 armbian-focal-desktop-gnome armbian-focal-desktop-xfce armbian-focal-desktop-budgie armbian-focal-desktop-cinnamon armbian-focal-desktop-deepin armbian-focal-desktop-i3-wm armbian-focal-desktop-mate armbian-focal-desktop-xmonad All those exists in repository and are up2date. 2. Installation echo lightdm | sudo tee -a /etc/X11/default-display-manager DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive DEBCONF_NONINTERACTIVE_SEEN=true apt-get install --install-recommends -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" -y armbian-focal-desktop-xfce 3. After install - more or less copy / paste https://github.com/armbian/config/blob/master/debian-config-functions#L780-L819 I would start, but my brain is stuck in stack overflow mode
  6. Bug is actually outside Armbian domain - we are 1000 x too small to be able to fix bugs in community maintained packages - https://www.google.com/search?q=lightdm-gtk-greeter+bug - fixed in desktop build scenario, forgotten to fix in armbian-config. We have replaced buggy greeter with slick-greeter which is why desktop still works just fine.
  7. Problem was fixed and its super cool that solution was found this fast. Its not uncommon that a weeks goes by and a problem is not solved (you can imagine expense of lost week, while users are willing to give perhaps 20 USD for that while asking for more at the same time). You just need to wait that maintainers and infrastructure makes the rest. I don't have information, when images will be up - its a complicated procedure since its not designed to satisfy just one person needs. Checking manually when correct image will show up (you can also do that) and manually notifying you is not an option.
  8. I think I have found a fix. I made many reboots with most recent boot loader and it worked fine, perhaps just on this board. HDMI is up. It will take few days that fixed images are populated around CDN. (when version 21.08.2 shows up).
  9. Those boards - even they are old - makes us grey hair sometimes. You can see down in the Allwinner A20 forum: which we mitigated with this: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2963 but it seems we loose HDMI on this particular board. I am looking into it.
  10. Some updates on the topic: https://github.com/armbian/mirror
  11. FAT partition is not needed, perhaps only for amateur usage. So that people who have Windows, can access this part and change thing. While most of them have no knowledge what to do with those files, so it is pretty irrelevant. FAT partition is there because all those distro tries to mimic Raspberry Pi, while cheap mainstream toy is not our amusement to follow. Raspberry Pi can't boot from anything else due its proprietary construction ... Armbian controls this hardware with a very different modern hardware interface, written from scratch, from the moment you plug the power. There is no relationship with the demo level software you are mention as a working ones. Those were made just to present hardware functions and abandoned right after then. Many years ago. I am sure you don't want to use those and I highly recommend you to stay away from those other (fake) distros. Also make sure to read this. We need to know: - exact version of boot loader (u-boot) very early print - armbianmonitor -u (if you have network operational) - cat cat /etc/armbian-release - do you have monitor attached and what kind of - how do you power the board Helping you is our expense. You can also try asking for support at Lemaker, but I am 100% sure nobody will answer to you. Not at any distro you are mentioning.
  12. Likewise My distribution of choice was also Slackware - IIRC v1.0 / there was no much choice at that time - and Linux kernel has version below 1.0 at the time A lot has change since. With totally limited resources we are trying to make this very complicated, purpose driven and diverse ecosystem as simple as possible.
  13. If this device is not along known to work ones, nobody knows until its plugged. None of those vendors (Radxa / Adata) are supporting us, so we don't have devices you are asking about in the lab. Also even hardware would be on the table, who will cover the time for testing? I don't need to know this to waste my precious time ... No idea. There is almost no interest from community to improve testings which means we can only run basic testing and what you are asking is certainly not. It would require manual testing, which is simply too expensive if we pay everything. For you and the vendor of your choice. Download and test. I would need to do the same. Then report. It might help someone.
  14. Supporting his / our work? https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#development-time
  15. Will be fixed in next release. Until then, check Docker documentation for installing on Focal.
  16. This doesn't looks like stock Armbian (we don't use extlinux kernel loading on this device) and title is HC2 while BSP files shows HC4.
  17. Thank you! But the price is high and unpaid: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#development-time https://forum.armbian.com/clients/donations/ even Orangepi helps a bit. Development cost. Debugging cost but the biggest cost is dealing with (never satisfied and ungrateful) users. Which just show up complaining when things breaks down Which is usually fine if you get at least something in return. We never received a cent from Asus, contrary, they were making us expenses. End-user donations, people that would like to have usable OS, the only alternative for funding never reached 0.5% of our current costs. If we are going to deal with this board, this simply adds between 10 and 20.000 EUR depth to our personal finances. Which is just crazy. https://forum.armbian.com/forum/54-help-wanted/
  18. https://github.com/armbian/build/actions/workflows/build.yml Or by using nightly kernels which are 24h old in worst case.
  19. That is correct, but its not following KISS principle. We have to think on ourselves in 1st place since users mainly sees their problems only. It adds another dimensions into already complex world while changing little. You can see how many people actually tested RC images and reported? With some very special boards? None. So that kind of safety wouldn't change much. I see it as quite a lot of additional work, users will never pay for, for almost no gain. If someone will try to mention that "Debian on my desktop don't break", I will kick him into the butt over and over again, until he will perhaps read the FAQ and realise what is he asking for. - stretch, buster, focal, stretch, ... - minimal, normal - xfce, mate, budgie, ... - debian, ubuntu - legay, current, edge - stable, nightly - v21.08, v21.11, v22.02, RC, ... ... is already insane to understand.
  20. Yes, but neither solutions helps in knowing that some particular upgrade was broken. We didn't know until users reported. And this one was pretty ugly, since mainstream versions usually doesn't breaks things on board specific features. I guess with ARM becoming more mainstream, more such unexpected troubles will bump out. At kernel.org, nobody will ever check things like that.
  21. If I understand this correctly, the question is about package naming, which we have some initiative to change. We are not going to make critical changes to the infrastructure just like that to actually gain very little and risk other problems. If OP has a desire to join the party, here is something going on: This is non standard, purpose driven hardware, which sits between embedded world and mainstream desktop. We have cried hard to make it as close to the mainstream world as possible. We could go further and add Grub, but it will only add another layer of troubles and we will loss more of our private money. And in any case - why? R&D is fuc* expensive especially if we receive practically no help. Nobody around can leave job and work on those ideas, since it would pretty quickly end up on the street begging for food There are already several millions euros worth of tasks users have asked Armbian maintainers to finance for you. Doesn't make sense - not fun, just pain in exchange for nothing is a bad deal. If you have a need to change this, join those who thinks the same / similar. In the topic above.
  22. Perhaps its related. External module compilation was broken in official experimental kernels, but it was fixed yesterday. So once kernel packages will be rebuild, external modules compilation will work again. https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/3103#issuecomment-913806735
  23. I can only give you one hint at this stage. Kernel 5.14.y is coming (WIP, not finished yet) with improved support for Nanopi R2S. I would propose to start from there. It is too troublesome to back port to 5.10.y We can ship EDGE (5.14.y) variant only. Of course. If not else, this for sure.
  24. Nope. You did it only for your own personal gain. Not several hundreds other variants. What we do. Actually not and you are one of the few persons that have troubles understanding that. https://github.com/armbian/build#support Support contract is pretty clear and doesn't provide much misinterpretation: Have you found a bug in the build tools? Try to recreate it with a clean build tools clone. Then search for existing and closed issues. If you don't find it there, open a new issue. Do you have troubles elsewhere? Armbian is free software and provides best effort help through community forums. If you can't find answer there and/or with help of general project search engine and documentation, consider hiring an expert. Those are the conditions we have since ever and I can only expect that you accept them. Unconditionally for start. Our work in public interest has limits https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/ If something is bothering you, you can change at any time - like you can maintain a bug tracker and accept, track and prioritise bugs which you want to send to us (its a full time job). Then you just need to find people that will be happy to spend their days fixing for you. I am full for next year, so I will not join. That was certainly not addressed to you. Everyone can see it. First mistake on your side and we can ban you, ok? Yes, I am pressing on you. Like you do to us. And like you did to Kobol. Ain't nice? I am done long time ago, but its a pleasure chatting with you.
  25. Why don't you do that? Not just for your egoistic need. Everyone can figure out - system doesn't boot, screen is black, network doesn't work anymore ... check support contract, we owe you nothing, you don't accept to cover the lost of time, so not sure why you are bringing this up again. Hire someone and fix the problem. Reminding people that pushes too much about reality they ignore? My only mistake is that I figured out what was going on too late. Well, they have to. Even their user / customer is a jerk. If our users is a jerk ... there are sources. I talk with you because I suspect you are a reasonable man who could be able to understand why I have pushed on you. I call names to your behaviour, not to the person. Its your behaviour and attitude that is troublesome and worrying. Not the language.