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  1. This bug is here for a while. https://github.com/armbian/config/issues/33 You can enable this manually too.
  2. Igor

    Broadcom BCM2711,

    With a previous release cycle we have added support for Raspberry Pi4. Currently we are producing daily images only (rolling release): https://www.armbian.com/rpi4b/ When someone steps as a maintainer, it can become officially supported: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Board-Support-Rules/ We only support Ubuntu based builds for now and kernel source is attached to official RaspberryPi sources. Which is better then mainline.
  3. @Heisath In light of those changes - do we need separate tags for Clearfog pro and base model?
  4. @Contributor/Maintainer If something has to be squeezed into the code ... I guess merging armbian-next has to be postponed. After Sunday, bugs bugs bugs. Solving, not generating new ones
  5. This is open source. What prevents anyone to study the code? And understand this world a bit more before starting (too?) difficult path. Kernel you are asking defconfig about and kernel Armbian is providing can be / are very different. Perhaps thousands of hours diff. Kernel 5.10.y from Orange has many dirty hacks which nobody will not even look into ... and if you want analysis of that diff, Armbian will certainly not provide that. We have no time and we had it, the answer would be the same. if you are curious, this forum and the code has many answers ... search forums, peek into the code, tell others what you have find out. People that understand it are busy and rare. I highly recommend you to build the kernel the recommended way. If not, good luck, you will need it. In order to not waste too much time answering the same over and over again https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/ And. This is forum where many people are solving difficult questions. Forum. Make friends, help community helping you. And thank you for supporting Armbian. Welcome!
  6. If you start on Jammy, https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/armbian-next/lib/functions/host/prepare-host.sh#L46 is no more. Also office unblocked at kernel.org
  7. In case you are not planning to develop or sponsor this adventure I suggest you to stick to stock kernel. Functions in modern kernels are never complete, especially this is critical when comes to external devices such as displays. Hardkernel never supported modern kernels nor our work on this device while end user donations are only enough to address one medium complex bug in whole project. Per year. This here could pull some serious R&D ... but someone perhaps knows something. Hard to judge without investigation, but what I am pretty confident it won't be as simple as this idea.
  8. Ban is still in place I am writing an email right now. In general it would be better to use Google mirror primarily. Or we need to use kernel.org Git for bundles? You mean like having our own full kernel mirror? I would not push on moving everything to distro compilers at once. What works, works and we do this gradually. Going on half now, removing them all in one year. Something like that. Even today, sometimes we will need to deal with a special compiler, so support has to remain. And a few of them if there is too much work with adopting the code. Thanks for update. Will do another cycle of review when possible.
  9. Best way is to start here: https://forum.armbian.com/staffapplications/ Welcome!
  10. It is. Try here: https://armbian.systemonachip.net/archive/ but also get a bit more familiar with a build system. Official fresh images when someone takes responsibility for https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Board-Maintainers/ those boards. Until then ...
  11. Search Odroid forums for similar problems. Then search Raspbery Pi forums for similar problems ... then ask storage experts on some storage oriented forums if they recommend USB connected drives and why not. USB protocol / drives were not designed for 24/7 usage and Armbian can't fix what is fundamentally broken. Disabling UASP might help.
  12. @private/contributor Unifying TAGS as much as possible - as low count / universal as possible has been enforced to GitHub merge requests and issues. From now on, we have only 12 labels:
  13. Release is not just freezing the code and generating images. Its a time when we pull together stronger, agree and deal with common goals and ideas. Things we are dealing with are complicated. Linux is complex, our framework is getting there too and only together we can deal with all this. I started on freezing the kernel version. There is also some breakage, some related to our patches, some not. But since we have to freeze it sooner or later, perhaps now its the right time. This brings a few good things at once: temporally release people that are working close with maintaining kernel code @going@jock@balbes150@amazingfate myself ... this can bring more resources on trying to match with / merge armbian-next. @rpardiniworked for moths on this. Lets review the code and help sorting out bugs. Again. IMHO it is possible to merge, but if code remain unstable by the code freeze date (2022-05-14), we are merging after new images are generated. asking @Contributor/Maintainer board maintainers to engage in images building and testing (currently still from master branch) and bug reporting as earlier as possible (once PR 3736 gets merged) reproducible build framework in release branch. Which is most important long term consequence. Additionally, we would like to finish u-boot upgrade on Rockchip and release major forum refactoring @TonyMac32 @piter75 @balbes150 Happy Workers' Day!
  14. Bug was introduced with last upstream kernel changes and was reported by several people, including you. With free support, this is it. With paid support - its holiday.
  15. @jimmij If you find more inspiration: https://github.com/armbian/wallpapers
  16. Don't expect everything to work. That is close to mission impossible in this world. Armbian maintainers generate huge loss by dealing with their "customers", so this is not a problem of Armbian in any way. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#why-does-hardware-feature-xy-work-in-old-kernel-but-not-in-more-recent-one This might shed some light. Support on modern kernel is written / ported basically from scratch and its mainly maintained by amateurs. Until they find fun / need in that. You build and boot image from sources that works is already a nice success. A lot of work is needed in the backstage that this looks so simple.
  17. Igor

    NanoPI M4

    We generate different images when images can't run without issues on both devices or when its too expensive creating support for both in one binary. Diff goes between not booting at all and lack of some functions. If this data is not marked / written somewhere, a research is needed to answer this questions. Try and report to M4V2 board maintainer if you discover something useful ...
  18. Costs from 2 USD on and its a very valued tool in this world: https://linux-sunxi.org/UART
  19. "Delete My Account" https://forum.armbian.com/terms @Moderators
  20. HDMI could have troubles. Did you try serial console?
  21. I have noticed ... I assume there is nothing wrong with overlay? Why would we remove it? Recording a bug into Jira is all what we can do. Unless someone has so much time to dig in and understand why it broke down.
  22. https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/a712d7aebc39f16484b9eb787b23b445e6c76732 7th version of rockchip kernel ? config/templates/config-docker.conf is not merged well lib/functions/compilation/patch/kernel-drivers.sh (behind / merged wrong , we have GITHUB as variable not hardcoded for those sources) It is difficult to review functions that were split into new files, but I would propose to: - fix known bugs, resolve wireless / kernel-drivers hast to work (not optimal also fine) ... then open a merge request so we can start reviewing properly.
  23. @rpardini I am still blocked Can't use bundles from git.kernel.org ... USE_MAINLINE_GOOGLE_MIRROR="yes", what about other mirrors? we should exit if HOST is less them Jammy, since Git is too old. Clearfog (current) fails at compiling u-boot (we can't go up with u-boot, too much work) Cubox fails at compiling u-boot (we can't go up with u-boot, too much work) Helios, kernel breaks when using Google mirror with: I'll also try to dig into the code if I can find something ...